Cola Wars

I am not a fan of globally domineering brands, especially ones who try to shut down the little men.
I refuse to buy Häagen-Dazs because they tried to limit the distribution of Ben and Jerry’s back in the day.
There are other brands I won’t buy too, but the newest company to be removed from my “Christmas Gift list” is Coca-Cola.

Why? Well they are taking legal action against SodaStream for stating facts.
Basically, SodaStream have been putting up cages filled with empty plastic bottles and cans to show how much the average household goes through in a specific period. (in 5 years, it’s an average of 10,657 bottles and cans, by the way)!
Some of the bottles and cans are branded, and Coca Cola don’t like that.

I can’t understand how they can complain, though – most of the cans and bottles thrown away ARE theirs!
Surely SodaStream are stating a FACT?
SodaStream are not backing down though, despite receiving a letter demanding they remove the cages and don’t do it again.
They are tweeting lots about #ColaWars and sharing photos of their cages, as well as publishing the letter, so everybody can see it.

I have to say, SodaStream will be getting a lot of good press from this whole thing. They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with all the free publicity. But that’s by-the-by in my opinion – Coca Cola are still being OTT. They have well and truly spat their dummy out in my opinion.

Our house has been “Team SodaStream” for a while now. We have bought the odd Coca Cola product when out and about, but we only use SodaStream at home. It’s much cheaper, we save tons of cupboard space, our recycling bin doesn’t get full as quickly and we never have the “it’s gone flat” issue.

If you want to see the photos and letters for yourself, follow @SodaStreamUK on Twitter!

This is not a sponsored post, by the way. I just got annoyed when I saw what was going on.

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