Meal Time Madness

Meal times in the GEEK household are getting insanely difficult.

There are 4 of us:
1 of us is Vegetarian (Me).
1 of us is allergic to Dairy Products and Soya (Sydney)
1 of us is allergic to eggs & refuses to eat anything white (Sam)
1 of us eats whatever is on the menu (DaddyGeek). 

Most Quorn products contain Milk or Soya, so Syd can’t eat what I am having most mealtimes. Sam refuses to eat most things pale in colour, so rice, pasta, potato, bread, cheese and fish are pretty much off the menu. He will eat toast, or pale things which are covered in sauce or breadcrumbs. – He never eats rice, though. Sam also hates anything messy, so you have to get rid of the excess sauce before you give him the food. See – told you it’s a nightmare. 

As a vegetarian, I don’t cook as much meat as I should for the kids, mainly because I am terrified of poisoning them. They get loads of veg, plenty of fruit, protein from Quorn (for Sam), fish for Syd. Sam won’t eat yogurt now, and he hates cheese.

An average day for us goes something like this:

Sam: Cereal with a bit of milk on – he hates excess milk & 9oz milk to drink
Syd: 2x Weetabix with her 7oz formula in it & a chopped pear
Me: Muesli
Hubby: Toast

Sam: Half a banana

Sam: tinned spaghetti hoops on toast (no excess sauce), chopped pineapple and apple on the side
Syd: half a tin of soup, a slice of bread, chopped pineapple and apple
Me: Half a tin of soup & some bread
Hubby: Noodles

Sam: Raisins and a biscuit
Syd: 7oz formula & some raisins

Tea: All of us:
Mediterranean Quorn Chicken & rice (onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, tinned tomatoes, tomato puree, herbs, quorn chicken pieces). – no rice for Sam, no quorn in Syd’s.
Sam: Chopped fruit
Syd: Chopped fruit
Hubby: Chopped fruit
Me: A Snickers – GASP!

Sam: 8oz Milk
Syd: 7oz Formula

There is of course lots of drinks consumed in between.

We make our own bread, as most off the shelf ones contain milk or soya, and make Syd poorly. We all use Vitalite, so Syd can eat it too. 

DaddyGeek helps out a LOT in the kitchen. He works from home so is on hand to man the stove while I keep the kids entertained. I am lucky in that respect, at least.

I would like some simple to prepare, freezable recipes for the kids. So
dairy free stuff which won’t involve too much handling of raw meat –
I’ve been veggie for 12 years… I can handle it, but I hate it. I don’t have a huge freezer, so space is limited. If you can recommend any good food allergy blogs or recipes, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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