Mother’s Day Breakfast from Marks and Spencer

When I was growing up, I saw Mother’s Day as a chance to show my Mum what she meant to me. My Dad first taught me how to make a cup of tea on Mother’s Day morning when I was 7.

I recall carrying a tray up the stairs to give my Mum breakfast in bed. I was so excited that I had made her a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal. (My Mum never ate breakfast, but she managed to eat the bowl of Rice Krispies like it was the best thing she had ever eaten). I remember asking her about 30 times how her cup of tea was. I think I made her about 25 brews that day, then didn’t make her another for 365 days.

Now, I am a Mum myself, I appreciate just how much Mums have to endure, and why they deserve a day of pampering once a year. Personally, I cannot wait for my babies to understand Mother’s Day. They are still too young really. I got a lovely card and some lovely gifts from them today (Thanks DaddyGeek), but I can’t wait for the home made cards, and the cups of tea, which are 75% milk.

Earlier this week, Syd and I were given a secret mission. We were asked to retrieve supplies from our local Marks and Spencer store to make my perfect Mother’s Day Breakfast in bed. I had to deviate from the brief a little, as surviving breakfast in bed with an 8 Month old and a 21 Month old is like mission impossible. To find out how our secret agent mission went, check out my google+ photo album.

DaddyGeek had to work today, so he has been spoiling me all week long
with amazing breakfasts by way of an apology. My two favourite
breakfasts of the week were both courtesy of M & S though – A fresh
M&S pain au chocolat and a latte (made with M&S beans and milk). My other favourite was pancakes with Butterscotch sauce, and sliced banana.

The rest of the family enjoyed their special M&S breakfasts too – They included Yogurts and bagels for Sam, Coffee and Museli for DaddyGeek, cereal and banana for Sydney, and fresh OJ all round.

The total amount spent on the Marks & Spencer mission was £20.24.

It is fair to say I was more than happy with my Mother’s Day week breakfasts, and my gifts were really thoughtful too. DaddyGeek got me a phone case with my company branding on as the kids keep throwing my iPhone around. He also got me a water bottle because I never drink enough. I got a Pink Lining Purse to match the bag I got for Valentine’s day and some Chocolate. The babies didn’t get the memo about my Mother’s Day lie in though – Sam was awake at 4am.

The kids and I left DaddyGeek hard at work today, and went out for some lunch with my Mum. It was great to see her on Mother’s Day, and I think she appreciated it too. I gave her a card, flowers and took her out for lunch for Mother’s Day – not very original, but she appreciated it, nonetheless. After lunch, we came back home, and I enjoyed some quality time with these two.

As Mother’s Days go, I really enjoyed my 2nd one. I hope everyone else has had a good one too.

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