Veggie Bangers and Mash – how do you make yours?

I love comfort food when the weather is cold and wet. I would eat things like Veggie Bangers and Mash every night of the week, if the rest of the house allowed me to.

DaddyGeek is on a healthy eating kick, though. This means my home made mashed potato with lashings of butter and milk is off the menu for him. Syd is allergic to dairy products, so her mashed potato tends to be “crushed” potatoes. Sam hates potatoes in any way, shape or form, so he usually ends up with bangers and… veg.

It is just too much effort to make four different meals when i want a bit of comfort food, so I tend to make a load of mashed potato for me in bulk, then freeze portions of it. The freezer is only small, so it’s not possible to do the same for everyone. For this reason, I decided to pick hubby up some mashed potato from the chilled section in Asda, as it is much healthier than my own, but still as quick to cook. The 4 minutes cooking time makes it really convenient, and I don’t need to take it out of the freezer the night before, so it’s perfect for a last minute, speedy supper. I like the fact all of the ingredients are natural too.

I made my Bangers and Mash the same way I always do – roasted the meat free sausages in the oven, while the veg was cooking on the hob. When the sausages were 5 minutes away from being done, I zapped the mash for 2 minutes. Then I let it stand for 60 seconds, before zapping it for another 90 seconds.

Once plated up, one packet stretches this far:

There was less on the plate than there would have been if I had made my own, but there was no waste from this.Once I had put on some gravy, my tea looked and tasted just as nice as my own mash does, but with much less effort.

The mash definitely passes the taste test in our house.

It is perfect for healthy, speedy teas. It ticks the boxes for being cost effective, healthy, filling, tasty and convenient.
I will still have my own mashed potato for Sunday Lunch, but this will be a feature for those days when I want the comfort of mash without the excess calories and fat.

The total Nutritional info for this meal (excluding the gravy, as I didn’t weigh the granules) was:
Kcal: 396
Protein: 22.7
Carbs: 38.7
Fat: 13.5
Sat Fat: 3.9
Fibre: 14.1
Sodium: 1
Salt: 2.1

I think that is a very well balanced meal – fairly heavy on the carbs, but not as bad as it would have been if I had made my own!
This means I don’t even feel guilty about my comfort food splurge!

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