30 Years Of Change

For the first time in 30 years, the recipe for Kellogg’s Special K has changed.

To celebrate the change, I have taken part in the Britmums Kelloggs Special K challenge. I was sent a box to review, and share my thoughts.

I have to be honest, I was never a big fan of Special K. I always thought people doing the drop a jean size diet were a bit crazy. (You know the one I mean? Special K for breakfast and lunch, then eat a healthy evening meal). I thought I’d embrace the change and give the new recipe a try, though.

I am glad I did. I personally enjoyed eating it for the first time ever! It was crunchy but melted in my mouth. Even DaddyGeek agreed! The fact the box was gone after 4 days proves it was a big success in this house!

I am definitely on team change in terms of the new Special K recipe, and a lot of other things which have changed since 1983!

Back then, I was a baby. A chubby, clingy baby by all accounts. My Dad had a lovely, trendy hair do. What do you think? I’m happy this was left in 1983!

One thing which has gone full circle in 30 years is the wall decor –
note the lovely faux brick in the background of the other “Fro” photo on the collage below… We were drooling over a
similar style in Next Home last month!

Music wise, you’d think
we were still in the 80’s if you heard my current playlist. Sam adores
Black Lace. Their greatest hits has definitely been the soundtrack of
our lives for the past two years!

One of the other 80’s miracles
was Grange Hill! First Tucker, then Zammo and Roly. Not to mention the
“Just say no” story, which played a huge part in my early childhood. (My
sisters are all a good deal older than me, so that record (Yes Record… as in L.P. a 7 inch – no
less) was played constantly for ages!

I was a HUGE fan of Neighbours as a kid. I adored Jason Donovan. I don’t get quite as
excited about him appearing in Iceland adverts as I did when he was
walking down Ramsay Street though.

My sisters all had very
different tastes. One adored Kylie – we spent a lot of time fighting
over which was the best. One sister was a huge Michael Jackson fan. We
had bought tickets to the This Is it tour so she could finally see him
perform live… Yeah… That’s still a touchy subject in our house! My
Dad was a huge Motown fan, so Jacko was played a lot more than Bros,
Kylie or Jason!

My oldest sister was a massive BROS fan. I shared
a bedroom with her, and still can’t get “When will I be famous” out of
my head… Even now! She was always seen sporting the Grolsch bottle
tops on her shoes, not to mention double socks! Hahahaha! She will kill
me if she read this blog post!

One 80s thing I’d love to see
return is those boy’s coats with the orange lined hood and fur trim –
remember those? I think they were Snorkel coats? Batman would look so
cool in one of those!

Another sure sign you’re a kid of the 80s
are memories of digging around in a brand new box of cereal to retrieve
the toy! Come on – we all had those Kellogg’s reflectors attached to our
bike wheels! I miss those freebies!!

There is one thing from
1983 which has shaped me, though. Nintendo released their first console
30 years ago. It looked a lot different then. The Nintendo Famicom  was
followed in 1985 by the NES – a console which played a huge part in my
childhood, and shaping me into the geek who sits here, typing this post!
30 years on, Nintendo has changed a lot, but has played a part in most
UK kids’ lives for the past 30 years.

The final thing I have
to mention in my homage to the 80s is of course Children’s TV. I
remember having to wait semi patiently for the Kids TV to start. Not
like now… half a dozen channels to surf through all day. My favourite
shows were: Button Moon, Rainbow and Raggy Dolls.Classic Kid’s TV!

So… how have I changed? Well I am still chubby and clingy, but I am mainly clung TO these days, by two equally chubby babies! I still love cheesy 80’s music, but don’t have any Jason Donovan posters on my wall any more, I’m more likely to be caught drooling over Dexter Morgan! I never stopped being a Daddy’s Girl, though.

I am still a HUGE Nintendo geek, and I would rather spend the night playing on my DS than going out getting drunk. Wow, I really am boring aren’t I!

One thing which has come full circle along with the faux brick wallpaper is the Afro!
My Dad isn’t here to see it for himself, but his Grandson has got natural curls, which rival his Perm – Look!

This is Sam’s hair before I brush it. The curls are growing out now, but it is a bit of a family joke how his curls are so much better than his Grandad’s fake ones were! 

So there you have it. 30 years have seen me go from a chubby clingy baby to a chubby, clingy baby… mama!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the box of cereal to review, but all words and opinions are my own. This post is my entry into the BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge” #SpecialK30

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