Home made McFlurry style ice creams

This week, I have been dreaming about McFlurries. I have been meaning to have a go at making my own for a while, so this week I finally set to work!

I decided to buy some chocolate goodies which I have never had in a mcflurry to see how they worked. I also got some squirty cream to add to the ice cream as well. This is how the attempts went – failed ones as well as successful!

On Saturday night, I tried to make a Cadburys Fudge McFlurry style ice cream.

I started off by chopping 2 bars of Cadbury Fudge into small pieces. Then I added some icecream to a bowl. (This was enough to make two servings).


Next, I added the fudge into the ice cream, and then I mixed it all in.

I added some squirty cream to the mixture, to try to make the ice cream a
bit fluffier, like McFlurries are. I mixed this all in together.

The mixture was perfect at this point, but I wanted to go all out and “pipe” the mixture into the bowls. I spent a good 10 minutes looking for my piping bag, by which point the ice cream had completely melted, so my dessert was more fudge and cream, than Ice Cream!

It still tasted alright, and I will make it again. I will get the piping bag out well in advance though – or just not bother piping it!

On Sunday night, DaddyGeek had a bash at making Cadburys Fingers McFlurry style desserts. He was sensible and found the piping bag well in advance!

First, he put the ice cream into a bowl. Then he lightly broke up some Cadbury’s Fingers in a sandwich bag. He added a bit of toffee ice cream sauce to the ice cream, then dropped the fingers into the mixture. He mixed it all together then put it all into the piping bag.

It was at this point he realised he hadn’t broke up the fingers enough
for them to fit through the piping bag nozzle, so he scooped it all out
again, and just put it into bowls.

Due to the weather, the ice cream had melted again. It was delicious though, just really mushy. We decided at this point to give up on piping the desserts, as it was ruining our ice cream!

On Sunday night, DaddyGeek opted to make a Fruit and Nut Mcflurry style icecream. He decided to get the gadgets involved in our quest to make the perfect home made mc flurry style dessert. He put the ice cream into the food processor and then broke up some fruit and nut, and put this on top.

He gave it a good blitz, but the ice cream started to melt before the chocolate was broken down enough in my opinion.

I forgot to get a photo of this one in the bowl. Personally, I think this method was good for mixing the ingredients quickly, but not for chopping the chocolate. I’d chop the chocolate by hand next time and save on the washing up!

Tonight, I opted for the Dairy Milk Mint Bubbles as my chocolate of choice for my home made mcflurry. I started by shopping half of a 120g bar into small chunks.

I then added the chunks to the icecream and gave it a good mix (by hand).

I added some squirty cream and mixed this in too.

Once I had put the mixture into a bowl, I sprinkled some more chopped Dairy Milk Bubbles on top.

It was delicious, and definitely my favourite out of all 4 attempts.

The four different attempts have left me with what I think is the perfect way to make home made mcflurry stylee desserts…

1). Chop your chocolate of choice into small pieces.

2). Add your icecream to a bowl (soft scoop works best as it is easier to mix).

3). Add most of your chocolate to your icecream and stir well.

4). Add a bit of squirty cream and stir it in well, to “fluff up” your ice cream.

5). If you want to add any sauces, add them on top of the dessert, as they make mixing the ingredients difficult.

6). Sprinkle your remaining chocolate on top of your dessert, and serve!

If you have a bash at making your own, let me know how you get on!

I bought some of the items for these desserts as part of a #cbias #Cadbury #shop – find out how I got on shopping for them HERE

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