Tefal Ingenio – IWOOT

In our house, when I say IWOOT, (I want one of those) it is usually because I have seen an amazing gadget, or an amazing pair of shoes(!) Not this time!

When I went down to London last month for the 2nd Tefal Innovation Panel meet up, we were shown 3 new products. The first item I shared with you last Month – the Optigrill.

We were also shown The Tefal Ingenio collection!

Basically, Ingenio is a set of pans, which will change my life! (And free up a cupboard in my kitchen)!

So… what makes them so life changing…?

The pans have removable handles. This makes them easier to store than traditional pans as they can be stacked into each other without playing pan Jenga every time I need to boil an egg. It also means less space used in the cupboard (and the dishwasher)!

The pans are oven proof, so they can be used for baking! They have the same amazing non stick coating as standard Tefal pans, and can even be used to bake cakes in! (Goodbye cake tins)!

The removable handles click into place easily, and can be removed at the (firm) touch of a button. (The handles are guaranteed to lift 10kg in weight)! You can also get plastic lids so your pans can be used to store leftovers in – Goodbye Tupperware! I also love the fact the glass lid handles fold down for easy storage.

I have got my heart set on owning the 13 piece set (Pictured above). This contains: 16 and 20cm saucepans; 22 and 28cm frying pans; a 26cm sautepan, 26cm
wok; 16, 20 and 26cm glass lids; 16 and 20cm plastic lids and two bakelite

The pans are compatible with all heat sources – including induction. The frying pans have Tefal’s patented Thermo-Spot heat indicators, too. The pans all have Tefal’s Titanium non-stick coating (which means you can use metal utensils in the pan – except whisks and knives). This set doesn’t come cheap, though. It has an RRP of £249.99!

As well as the main set, there are also a range of accessories available to make the set even more amazing. There’s a grill insert to turn your 26/28cm frying pan into a grill. There’s also a steamer insert, which is perfect for keeping the nutrients locked into the veggies.

The strainer lid and colander also make light work of draining off excess water and stock. The colander can actually be left in the pan throughout cooking, then when you lift it out, keep your food inside it and have all of your stock safely left in the pan! It really is genius! 

The Ingenio pan set has some impressive guarantees with it – You get 1 year against manufacturing defects. 10 years for the handles and a lifetime guarantee for the nonstick coating.

Tefal kindly gave us a small selection of the Ingenio range, and I have
to say, the space saved in the dishwasher from not having pan handles
all over the place has been brilliant!

I have put the big set and some of the accessories on my MUST BUY list, and I’m hoping the prospect of an empty kitchen cupboard will excite DaddyGeek enough to let me splurge*

*FYI: If he buys me the set for my 30th birthday, I may have to divorce him! Pans are NOT a birthday gift! 

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