Baking With Toddlers – Not for the faint hearted

Last Month, I was asked to get involved with the #ELCBakeOff – It was a challenge to get the kids involved with some baking, ready for Mother’s Day. I was sent some of the fab new Let’s Bake range to help us with the challenge. We received the Cupcake Baking Set and the Baking Utensils Set.

My children are only 21 Months and 33 Months old, so baking isn’t really something I have tried very often as a group activity. I decided to roll our sleeves up and give it a go, though.

The cupcake baking set comes with lots of easy to follow recipes included. I used one of our own Dairy Free fairy cake recipes though so Syd could sample the cakes too. The set is for children aged 5+ so a lot of the bits in there weren’t things Syd could use easily. She got stuck right in with the whisk from the Baking Utensils set, though!

Sam wouldn’t touch the mixture, but he ran off with the spatula and rolling pin from the utensils set and splashed about in the water table with them! (I don’t think Jamie Oliver needs to worry about Sam stealing his TV show any time soon)!

Syd’s hand-eye co-ordination was way off when she tried to help me put the mixture into the muffin trays – the spoon kept ending up in her mouth! Once I sent her on her way with a spoonful to keep her quiet, I got the cake mix into the muffin tray and cases from the cupcake baking set.

I popped it into the oven and cleaned up the mess (and Sydney’s face) while they cooked. I removed them after the allocated time, but they weren’t quite done. A few cakes sank, so I decided I’d make Syd Safe “Butter cream” to go on top. (Syd Safe is my term for Dairy and Soya free – She’s intolerant to both).

Once they had finished cooking and cooled, I popped the butter cream on top and added a few sprinkles. I left some cakes plain as Sam hates buttercream.

The cake stand was included with the Cupcake baking set. The cupcakes are tiny (Think those mini muffins which were around a few years ago). We all enjoyed them, but I was finding batter all over the kitchen for days afterwards. There was even some inside my wellies – I suspect Syd had a bit to do with that!

The Piping Syringe which is included with the cupcake baking set is genius! I used it to fill the Cheesecake Filled Easter Eggs I blogged about a while ago. I have chucked out my old piping bag as this is easier to use, easier to clean and easier to store.

So… Will I bake with toddlers again? Yes. Will I put Syd in her highchair next time? Definitely! Will I be buying the Cupcake Baking Set for my Niece’s 6th Birthday? Already ordered!

Thanks ELC for letting us get involved. Please can your next challenge involve a vaccuum, a washing machine or an iron, so Syd can help me tidy rather than trash the house?

This is not a sponsored post. We were sent the two items mentioned above to join in with the #ELCbakeoff Challenge.

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