Easy Mediterranean Style Pasta Recipe – Served Hot Or Cold

I make this recipe quite a lot, and the contents can vary – depending what I have in my veg box at the time. I usually make the sauce with a pack of Passata, some herbs, garlic puree and tomato puree, but I opted for a jar this time, as I knew I’d be in a hurry. We were planning on being busy doing fun, Bank Holiday type activities. (The plan was to eat the dish Al Fresco Style on Bank Holiday Monday… But it rained)! It was still pretty tasty, even with the rain!

So… Here’s how I made my veggie/vegan friendly

Easy Mediterranean style pasta – Serves 4 adults.

You will need:

  • 250g Pasta (I use Tricolour Fusilli as Sydney won’t eat any other sort)! (£0.38)
  • 500g Tomato & Vegetable Pasta Sauce (£0.99)
  • 2x Large Onions (£0.46)
  • 2x Fresh Peppers (I usually add more than this but only had 2 left)! (£0.66)
  • 200g Fresh Mushrooms (£0.80)
  • 100g Frozen Sweetcorn (£0.18)
  • 15g Garlic Puree (£0.24).
  • Sprinkle of Basil and Oregano (£0.05)
  • A glug of Olive Oil (£0.10)
  • Optional: 25g Red Leicester Cheese Grated over each plate if serving hot. (+£0.18 per serving, so £1.05 per serving with cheese).

Total cost to make:

Cost Per Serving: £0.87 / £1.05 with cheese.


1). Wash and dry your vegetables.

2). Pour a glug of olive oil into a large, deep pan and put it on a low heat on the hob.

3). Peel and thickly chop your onions then add them to the pan.

4). Thickly chop your peppers.

5). Stir the onions then add the peppers to the pan.

6). Chop the mushrooms into large chunks, then add to the pan.

7). Add the Garlic Puree to the pan, and stir occasionally until the veg has softened and browned.

8). Put a pan of water on the hob to boil. Add the pasta once it’s boiling, then turn down and cook as per instructions on the packet.

9). Add the jar of sauce to the vegetable filled pan. Cook on a low heat and add herbs to taste. (I found a small sprinkle of Oregano and basil worked well).

10). Stir occasionally. It will be ready to eat when the pasta has cooked.

When serving hot, I prefer to put the Pasta onto the plate, then put a couple of ladles full of the chunky sauce on top to serve.

If you are having it, grate the cheese over the top while it is piping hot. The cheese will add some extra fat, protein and calcium to the dish. I say it’s optional as I’m the only one in our family who will eat it! The meal is Vegan friendly if the cheese is omitted.

This pasta dish is delicious hot, but it is equally nice served cold, as a pasta salad! I usually make enough to feed 4 people, then stir the leftover pasta into the veggie sauce. I then pop it into a Tupperware tub once it’s cool and keep it in the fridge to have the next day. Give it a quick stir before you serve it, and it’ll look like this!

I always find that I enjoy pasta more the second day, as the flavours have had time to develop. This is definitely the case with this dish.

This was one of the dishes I made using ingredients I purchased from Morrisons. I was sent £80 worth of Morrisons Vouchers and asked to head to my local store, buy the things I’d usually buy and blog about my experience as a #MorrisonsMum

I usually head down to Morrisons once a fortnight to stock up on their offers, as I find their promotions are always amazing value, but their regular prices have always been very high. I usually then do my main weekly shop at Tesco.

When I heard Morrisons were dropping their prices, I was very excited. I headed to our local store with Syd and Hubby to see if the new “I’m Cheaper” prices were as great as I hoped. As always, the store was clean and the shelves were well stocked. I love the fresh fruit and veg in Morrisons, and was pleased to see the prices had reduced a little. (For the most part, they are still more expensive than Asda and Tesco, but definitely better quality in my opinion). I usually buy a lot of my fresh veg from a farm shop, but I’ll be popping into Morrisons in future – if I need to pick up a couple of things midweek.

I was a little disappointed that a lot of the reduced items were still more expensive than the Tesco price. (I had the Tesco app open as we walked around to see if I could find any major savings on the “I’m Cheaper” items – I didn’t)! I did find that Morrisons’ offer prices were still amazing, though.

A lot of the items which had been reduced were things which we never buy. (I don’t buy meat and we’re tea total) so I can’t comment on the reductions of those, really. One area which I was very pleased to see had been covered in “I’m Cheaper” badges was the Quorn freezers!

These items are usually on 3 for £5 in Asda or Tesco, so these permanent price reductions bring Morrisons right back into the game! In the end, we spent £80 exactly – (I added it up as we went along)! We got about 80% of what I usually buy throughout the week, but I usually spend £100.

Did I save any money? No. For me, the new Morrisons prices brought them back in line with the likes of Tesco. Asda is still cheaper for most things, but the quality of their own brand products is much lower, in my opinion.

Will I be switching from Tesco to Morrisons? I’m torn. Morrisons is closer to us than Tesco is, but I love the ClubCard perks. I will definitely be popping into Morrisons for top up shops more now, and I’d get my fresh fruit and veg there over Tesco, too. I think the Free From range is the deal breaker for me – Morrisons charge a lot more than Tesco do for the items we have to buy for Sydney. If they manage to get that sorted, then I’d definitely be more likely to switch to Morrisons permanently – If they remove that hideous advert from The Angel Of The North!

This is not a sponsored post. I was given £80 worth of vouchers to spend in store, but all words and opinions are my own.

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