Play-Doh Pasta Hedgehog

Last week, we were stuck at home for a few very wet days. One of the ridiculously easy crafty activities I concocted (with a little inspiration from Elmo’s World) was this Play-Doh pasta Hedgehog.

Basically, I plonked a blob of playdoh down on the table, broke up some dry spaghetti strands and we sat down and stuck the spikes into the playdough. I kept telling Syd we were making a hedgehog, and at first she was saying “no hedgehog” but once there were 20+ spikes sticking out of the blob, she clapped and said “hi hedgehog”!

When we’d finished, I gave Syd a tub of cheerios, and she threaded them onto the pasta spikes. This kept her quiet for ages. It was like mission impossible trying to get a decent photo of her at work. In the end, I had to stand behind her and use the front facing camera on my phone. Apologies in advance for the super low res image!

When she’d finished eating threading the cheerios on, I disassembled it and we started again. I’d definitely call this a quick and easy toddler activity. It’s fab to pass an hour or two on a rainy day.

I’ve set it up for her again since then when I have been trying to get jobs done. She likes to be in the kitchen with me, and this keeps her entertained (and safe at the table) while I’m busy prepping tea. I love the fact it only takes 2 minutes to clean up, too. Winner!

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