If you follow me on social media, or know me in real life, you are probably well aware that I am a cake-o-holic. I cannot get enough of it. When I read about the Mr Kipling “Better with cake” competition, I couldn’t resist entering.

Better With Cake

I was greeted by the postman at silly O’Clock a few Saturdays ago, and handed a box. Inside said box were these beauties…

Better With Cake - Mr Kipling cakes

Finding cake inside the box certainly lessened the blow of my lie in being disturbed. Viennese Whirls are my absolute favourite Mr Kipling product, although I don’t think I’d class it as a cake personally…. It’s definitely more of a biscuit in my opinion…!!

Picnic O’Clock

We were meant to be heading out for a picnic over the Easter Weekend, but it then proceeded to rain – a lot. Our picnic in the park was relocated to our lounge, and PJs were mandatory. Syd embraced the indoor picnic like a real trooper, and didn’t mind one bit that she was sat in the lounge, rather than in the park.

Toddler eating an indoor picnic complete with Mr Kipling cake - Better With Cake

She was beyond excited to find a “Pink Square” (Or French Fancy to you and I) on her plate. Of course, her cheese sandwiches were abandoned in favour of the sweet treat. But she did go back to them… eventually! She must have enjoyed it, because she’s asked a good half a dozen times since when we are having another “Inside Nicnic”.

Sam’s Autism makes school holidays challenging for us. He doesn’t adjust well to change… So his routine being all messed up makes him very anxious, so we spend a lot of time at home. It can be very hard going as an Autism parent, so finding 5 minutes to have a brew in peace and collect my thoughts helps no end. Hubby makes sure I get that at least once a day, and it is DEFINITELY #BetterWithCake (or biscuit if you agree that Viennese Whirls are biscuits)!

5 minutes peace - better with cake

I think I’d be hard pushed to find anything which isn’t better with cake, to be honest. My 5 minutes peace is definitely my favourite cake opportunity each day though…. Mostly because it means I don’t have to share!

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