I’m the youngest of 6 kids, and I’d say I am probably the most skilled in the cooking department. There is definitely a massive skills gap when it comes to cooking, and I’ve seen it first hand in my siblings. When I heard about the #NowCookIt website, and the idea behind it, I was keen to get involved. Not heard of Now Cook it? Here’s their bio…

Now Cook It With Co-op and Sorted Food

“Created by two movements with community at their heart. Co-op and SORTEDfood bring you Now Cook It. The first step to help address the cooking skills gap. If you missed out on learning how to cook, or simply feel like you would like to brush up on your skills Now Cook It is the place for you.

Now Cook It is a simple online cooking course, where anyone can learn the basic techniques at their own convenience and pace. Vitally the course is completely free and available to anyone with access to the internet.  

Additionally, Now Cook It is a community improving cooks. And where SORTEDfood are involved things will always be a two two way conversation. Get involved and together we can tackle the cooking skills gap!”

My daughter, Sydney is 4 and a half now, and always keen to help out in the kitchen. This is something I am always happy to encourage, so when Co-op delivered a box containing everything we needed to make the Veggie Cous Cous, Syd and I got our aprons on and set to work!

Now Cook It

The first thing that struck me about the website was that the language was a lot simpler. So it’s less jargon filled than some other websites. I liked the fact that they didn’t automatically assume people knew how to de-seed a pepper. Additionally, there were little how – to videos for every step as you went along.

How We Got On

Syd sat patiently while I did all the chopping. However, she got stuck in when it came to drizzling oil, weighing, measuring, seasoning and giving everything a good old stir. Syd loved being able to “cook along” with the presenters on #NowCookIt.

Syd doing Now Cook It

I read through the recipe, but then followed the presenters in the #NowCookIt video as we made ours. I did have to pause it a lot, as they’d prepped all their ingredients off camera. The video didn’t mention weights and units of ingredients. So I’d definitely follow the recipe rather than the video next time. We ended up with far too much cous cous for the recipe as I did a “container full”, not the 100g mentioned in the recipe.

How Did It Taste?

Personally, I found the website very user friendly and the recipe was delicious – Sydney did too. We’ll definitely be using it again.

Now Cook It - taste test

We tweaked the recipe slightly, as we made way too much cous cous. Additionally, we bulked it out with more salad and some salad dressing. It was tasty immediately after making it. However, we left the rest overnight to absorb all the yummy flavours, and it was even better the next day.

I’ll definitely be adding this to my “BBQ Food recipes”.

I used to love cooking with my Mum as a child. Additionally, I think the fond memories I have of those times are probably why I still enjoy cooking today. That’s why I am always keen to get the kids involved in the kitchen. I want to pass on mine and my Mum’s love for cooking to the next generation.

All of the ingredients used in the recipe are available to buy in your local co-op food store. Where NUS Extra card holders will get 10% off their shopping, and everyone else can become a co-op member. This allows you to earn 5% back on co-op branded purchases for yourself, and 1% for your local community.

We were sent a box of ingredients to make the recipe, but all words and opinions are our own. 

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