We definitely aren’t a “pancakes once a year” kind of family, so I was determined to find a delicious Slimming World friendly pancake recipe… I found a recipe on PinchOfNom and tweaked it slightly. I used Ready Brek instead of oats for a smoother batter. The recipe for my version of syn free pancakes is below!

syn free pancakes with yogurt and strawberries


(I made up the batter then split it in half & used half one day and half the next).

ONE SERVING WILL USE: 1x H.E. B and 62.5ml of your daily H.E. A Milk allowance.


  • 80g Ready Brek or supermarket equivalent – (as long as it is listed as a Healthy Extra B choice in the Slimming World app). 
  • 125ml Skimmed Milk (from your H.E. A allowance).
  • 3x Medium Eggs
  • 2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 2Tbsp Granulated Sweetener. (I used Stevia).
  • Fry Light (I used 8 sprays of the Sunflower Oil one).


1. Spray your frying pan with Fry Light and put it on a low heat on the hob.

2. While the pan is warming, mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl or large jug.

3. Split the mixture in half if saving half for tomorrow.

4. Drop 1x rounded tablespoon’s worth of mixture into the pan and press down lightly. Repeat until the pan is full. (I fitted 5 into my frying pan, which was exactly 1 serving’s worth of the batter). Pictured below.

syn free pancakes in the pan, cooking

5. Allow to cook through before flipping. (this took around 2-3 minutes).

6. Cook the reverse until turning golden brown. (This took around 2 minutes for me).

7. Serve with the Syn Free toppings of your choice. I went for 2 large dollops of an Aldi Syn Free Vanilla Yogurt and Strawberries for speed!

This was how mine looked before I put the toppings on.

They are small, but 1 serving is just as filling as 2 large American Style Pancakes!

syn free pancakes straight from the pan

Firstly, making them was the easy part – picking a topping was the biggest dilemma! I’m thinking traditional Lemon Juice and a bit of Sweetener on Shrove Tuesday, or perhaps Blueberries and Yogurt… decisions decisions!

Here’s a close up of the finished article – just for good measure! They were really fluffy and not dry like I expected them to be.

Close up of the pancakes

Supersized Syn Free Pancakes

The following is the larger syn free pancakes I made on day 2. I made 4 , so they were bigger and definitely preferred them this way. They took 2 extra minutes to cook through.

I went for a sliced banana and strawberry filling, with some Protein Works Zero Chocolate Fudge Syrup on top. This syrup is 0.5 Syns for 4 tablespoons, and a little goes a long way. I only used 2tbsp so didn’t bother synning it. The syrup tastes quite strongly of sweetener, so don’t buy it if you’re not a fan of that taste.

So let me know if you make these, and what you think of them! 

Lastly, if you’re not following slimming world and fancy a naughty treat, why not check out Mummy VS Work‘s Double Chocolate Chip Cookies! 

Finally, find more of my recipes here!

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