is a new website which saves me LOADS of time!
If you have to email photos of your baby/kids to friends or family
& are forever forgetting to do it, or spend hours attaching the same
photos to emails, then you’ll love it too!

Basically, you register (for free), you add email addresses for people
you want to send all your photos to and then you upload them. (They are
100% private & only you and the people who’s email addresses you add
can see them).
Whenever you upload a photo, it is automatically emailed to all of the email addresses you added!

email recipients can see the image within the email, and they can click
on a link to download the full size original too, if they like.

If any of your friends or family use MyPride
too, you can give them permission to view your photos on the site, and
they will show up on their news feed whenever they log in.

If you
like sharing your photos on Facebook and Twitter, you can make your
photo public and post them directly to them too if you want to.

It honestly has saved me hours of time!

am also told that the MyPride team are developing an iPhone app, so
soon you’ll be able to add photos to your MyPride account straight from
your phone! Brilliant! One upload, and all your email contacts will be
sent the photo without your data allowance being eaten up in the

If you haven’t already registered for MyPride, you’re missing out! There’s over 750 facebook fans now, so it’s getting more popular by the day!!

I almost forgot – there is no data limit either, so you can safely
store your photos there – FOR FREE and access them on the go, or get
them back if you’re unfortunate enough to lose the originals!!

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