Confession Time

There is no escaping the date today. If you are a social network user, you will have no doubt been faced with at least 10 “May the fourth be with you” related tweets/status updates/ posts.

Star Wars. This geek has never seen it. There – I confess.

I remember being a kid and my Dad watching it with my Brother, but I was never interested.
When I was about 21, I promised my Dad that when all 6 films came out on DVD, I’d buy it for him and we’d watch all 6 together.

He died before that happened, so I have still not seen them. I thought I was in the minority, and that most other people had seen them all. It seems I was wrong! I tweeted my confession this morning, and I posted it on Facebook too. I was shocked by how many other people are also totally in the dark when it comes to Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Princess Leia (‘ve not seen the films, but I haven’t been living in a cave for the past 28 years)!

So how about you? Are you a die hard fan? Totally clueless? Or maybe you have seen them but don’t really care! Was Star Wars a big part in your childhood?

Also… if you’ve seen them, are they really worth watching?
Should I watch them now or wait until Sam is older and watch them with him?

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