My Favourite Childhood Toys

I was born in 1983, so most of the toys I loved were from the late 80’s early 90’s. During that time, there were some amazing items on the market. So today I am sharing My Favourite Childhood Toys. Most kids have at least one stuffed toy they adore… Syd has Elmo and Boo – (Boo is a small teddy bear she was given at a press event early last year, and she’s carried him everywhere since then). Sam used to have Lucky – a toy Reindeer…. Until I lost him! Now he doesn’t bother with one specific stuffed toy.

My Favourite Childhood Toys

I have still got my childhood favourite…. He’s called PC Popple! (Remember Popples)? I have also inherited my sister’s, and they live in Sam’s bedroom. They survived a trip through the washing machine not so long ago! I was very excited recently when Sam took a shine to PC Popple. He was giving him cuddles and grinning like a Cheshire cat at him!

A La Carte Kitchen

My Favourite Childhood Toys - A la carte kitchen

Another of my favourites was my A La Carte Kitchen… I have fond memories of my big sister, L playing “chef” with me when I was around 5. I recall her emptying the contents of my selection boxes into the pans, letting me stir the contents then putting them on a plate for her to eat…!!

If memory serves, it had an oven on one side and a sink and washing machine on the other. It lived at my Nannas house in the end – I suspect my Dad got tired of me waking him up at daft O’Clock with Swiss Roll and Beans for breakfast…!!

Barbie vs Sindy

My other sister, D loved Barbie dolls. (She was 3 years older than I was). Naturally, that meant that I was team Sindy! It used to annoy me no end that Barbie’s skinny clothes didn’t go over Sindy’s more natural shape. I remember being absolutely made up the year I got Sindy’s Dream Room and Paint a Picture Sindy for my birthday in November, then getting Sindy’s Cafe and an amazing Sindy Car for Christmas….

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There were also a few toys I always wanted but never got. I remember asking for a Scalextric and a Hornby Train Set frequently, and always being told they were for boys. That never sat well with me, and is probably why I am so chilled out about which toys Sam and Syd play with. I remember being so frustrated by that answer!

Sylvanian Families

I also always wanted Sylvanian Families toys, and never got them. I’m not sure why Father Christmas never brought me any of those, but I am beyond thrilled that they are still available today, and my children both love them! We have a rapidly growing collection, and Sam plays with it just as much as Sydney does.

I love the fact the range appeals as much to boys as it does girls. There’s no overly pink sets, and the Boat and Treehouse sets appeal to the young adventurers just as much as the traditional “house” role-play fans. Sam loves our Treehouse and our Ship playsets in particular.

I was very excited when we were made “Friends of Sylvanians” bloggers last month. I will tell you lots more about that in the weeks to come, but for now… here’s my shiny new blog badge – EEK!

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