It is no secret I am a huge history and genealogy geek. When I was asked to review DNA Ancestry Test from Living DNA, I was extremely excited. Living DNA is an in depth DNA test which traces your genes across 80 regions and right back to the beginning! If you’re male, you’ll see both your Maternal and Paternal line. Females only see their female line, as we only have two XX chromosomes.

How Living DNA Works:

When my kit arrived, I wiped the swab around my inner cheek and then posted the swab back in the included pre paid envelope. The swab itself just looks like a cotton bud, and it doesn’t hurt. The biggest inconvenience was not eating or drinking for 30 minutes before doing the swab.

woman having Living DNA swab test

I received an email to say my samples had been received about a week after I posted them back. My results were delivered to my inbox around 5 weeks after I posted the swab back.

With an RRP of £99, the Living DNA test isn’t cheap. The results you get are amazingly detailed though.


When my results came back, I wasn’t even slightly surprised to find out I am 100% British and Irish. This only takes my maternal line into account, but it was spot on as far as my family history research has shown.

I love that Living DNA breaks down your origins into regions. My Mum was Scottish, and her maternal grandmother was Irish. This all tallies up with what the map shows.

The coloured zones are all different regions and I received a breakdown to show the percentage of each one in my DNA. You can view my Your DNA breakdown here if you’d like to see exactly what information you’ll receive if you trace yours.

I found the “My Ancestry Through History” section the most interesting. This shows how my mother line moved around over the past 16,500 or so years.

I was hoping to see a bit more diversity within my heritage, but I think we can all agree that my Maternal line is about as British as it gets. I wish my Mum was still alive – she loved hearing what I’d discovered about our ancestry almost as much as I did.

My Living DNA Results

My Thoughts:

Living DNA isn’t cheap, but it’s gone into far more detail than I expected. I think if you’re male, it’s even better value. This is because men get to see your father line as well as your mother line. I secretly regret not making my brother do the test now, so we could have seen our father line too. If you’re female and have a brother who is your full sibling, getting them to do the test would mean you see even more of your genetic make up.

Of course, by doing it myself, I got a download of my entire DNA Make Up too. This is all gobbledygook for me. However, I’m sure a geneticist would have a field day looking to see if my health issues are tied to my mum’s line as I believe they are. There is a notice saying the raw data is not to be used for medical diagnosis, though.

Would I recommend the test? Yes. If you’re interested in your genetic make up, definitely give it a go! It’s also a fantastic gift idea – Even more so if you add the personalised Ancestry Book to your order.



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  1. Oh wow, that sounds fab! I’m quite interested to find out my family history following all you have done. Tempted to get this kit and test it on my brother to get all the details!

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