It’s been a long time since I was a student myself. However, now that hubby has enrolled on an OU course, I’m constantly remembering things I did myself to save time when I was studying. A lot has changed since the early noughties, of course. I’m sure that at least some of my time saving tips for students are still useful today, though. With that in mind, I am sharing them in this post!

Time saving tips for students

Admittedly, it’s been a while since I actually was a student… But I am positive a lot of things are still the same now.

Make a checklist

Firstly, make yourself a checklist! Write down everything you need to do, and tick it off as you go. This will help to keep you on track. The workload can seem intense at times, but breaking it down into small jobs makes it look less daunting and more achievable.

time saving tips for students - weekly planner iPad app

Take Your Books With You

Back when I was a student, I carried books everywhere with me so I could use time effectively. The 60 minute bus journey to and from work was spent reading and making notes. Thankfully, this is much easier now, due to ebooks and kindles. Chances are, most of your course’s reading materials are available online.

If they aren’t available online, you can always use My Free OCR to scan the relevant pages of your textbooks. This free software allows you to transfer the printed words into PDF, TXT or DOC formats. Doing this means you can read or even edit your books from your laptop, tablet or smartphone! (Definitely useful when collating quotes or referencing for your assignments).

Stay Focussed

If you’re anything like me, studying with friends around is like mission impossible. Do what you need to do, in order to stay focussed. Some people work best in the library or their bedroom. For me, a coffee shop with my headphones in was the perfect place. Nobody bothers you if you’ve got earphones in! Without distractions like the TV or the phone ringing, I found it easier to concentrate. Eliminating distractions is definitely one of my top time saving tips for students. Switching off your phone is a game changer!

Schedule In Down Time

All work and no play is no fun at all. By scheduling in time to enjoy yourself, you will find it easier to focus when you need to. Letting off steam is an important part of student life. Try telling yourself you can go to the party on Friday night as long as you have finished your to do list. This type of “reward” will motivate you to get the tedious jobs done.

Aim to complete work at least a week before the deadline

I know student life is notorious for all night cramming sessions, but they really don’t help anybody! Try to plan your schedule so you finish tasks with time to spare. This gives you room to adjust your schedule when life gets in the way. If you do this, that week long bout of flu will be an inconvenience. If you’ve left your assignment until the last minute,  and then get sick… You’ll have a big problem.

Finally, if you’ve found these time saving tips for students useful, why not check out more of my geeky stuff!

PS: Can you tell I was the class swot? 


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