If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I love camping! I also love technology though, so today I’m discussing staying connected when camping. Depending where you go, some sites offer electric hook up. Additionally, others are more traditional, and you have to cope without power!

Staying Connected When Camping

Tomorrow, we are heading to Royal Umpire in Preston for a 3 night break. This site offers no electrical hook up, so I have had to think outside the box in terms of charging our gadgets. Thankfully, usbmakers.com came to my rescue, when they asked me to review their service. I opted for the Oakland Power Bank in light wood, and was not disappointed.

Oakland Power Bank - Staying Connected When Camping

How Power banks Work

I received 10x 2200 mAh power banks – each one comes with a micro USB charger cable. That big number is the number of Milliamps Per Hour the unit can charge by. Sam’s tablet has a 3210 mAh battery, so one of the power banks won’t charge it fully. The Power bank charged my iPhone XS from flat to 87%, which is about right for the 2658 mAh battery it has.

These power banks light up red when charging (pictured above). They don’t light up when they are charging your gadget though. Additionally, there’s no digital display to show how much power is left on the powerbank.

Dad and daughter using phone in tent - staying connected when camping

My Thoughts

I like that the power banks all come with their own charging cable, so you don’t need to pack one if you’re using a device which has a micro USB connection. If, like me you’re using apple, you’ll have to pack a charger cable too. These power banks will make great gifts, and they are good for popping into your handbag or glove box.

When camping, you can always opt to buy one huge power bank. However, I prefer having more portable options like this, so we can charge, wherever we are. It’s much more convenient when you’ve got kids, as some can be charging in the car while others are in use.

Finally, if you’ve found this post on staying connected when camping useful, check out my camping section.

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