It’s no secret that I am super geeky, and love trying out new educational software and apps. So when I was asked to do a KidSmart App review, I was happy to oblige. The KidSmart App is suitable for children aged 4 and over, and can be customised to their age and ability. Read on to find out how my 6 year old daughter found it.

KidSmart App Review

KidSmart is designed to improve your child’s English, Maths and Vocabulary, as they play the app. As your child answers questions, they earn stickers. These allow them to create a cool animal scene, so they are encouraged to keep on playing. The idea is, they play the app for just 20 minutes each day. This is enough to build on their existing skills, and build their confidence. The app says it gives a 30% better performance than using books or tutors alone – impressive numbers!

As well as the hundreds of questions which make up the core of the app, the KidSmart App includes 11 plus practice tests and timed worksheets. Additionally, the app comes with 24/7 dedicated tutor support. So it’s like having a tutor on hand 24/7, for the price you normally pay for an hour.

KidSmart App Review - Question or statement

Syd’s KidSmart App Review

Syd was very keen to play the app, as she doesn’t get much screen time these days. Once she had customised her avatar and we set her age and school year, she got stuck in. The questions are arranged into tasks, so you do a section on vocabulary, then one on maths and so on. This is great as Syd knows what to expect. She flew through the Maths questions, and could easily identify the odd or even numbers when prompted. The English questions definitely required more thought for her, but she quickly learnt to pick out questions and statements.

She got a lot out of the “rewards” and became very excited when she earned herself a Triple Reward…

KidSmart App Review - Triple Reward


The app seemed expensive at first glance. However, once I looked into it properly, I realised it’s much cheaper than paying for a private tutor. I’d be paying £25 per hour for one to one tuition in Manchester.

The recommended time spent on the app is 20 minutes per day, so that’s 2 hours and 20 minutes a week. This means that the app has, essentially paid for itself after the first week each month, when compared with average tutor costs in Manchester. (£25 per hour, so £50 for 2 hours).

kidsmart app price plans

Additionally, the app becomes even better value if you have more than 1 child. You can add up to 3 profiles onto each account, so this works out substantially cheaper than a private tutor. Each child can have their own customised profile set to their age, ability and school year, too. If you have children split between primary and secondary school, you’d need to opt for the £50 per month plan to meet their needs.

My Thoughts

I found it amazing to watch Syd’s confidence grow so quickly. In literally 10 minutes, she went from not knowing what a statement or a synonym was, to quickly and easily identifying them on the app. Additionally, I loved how rather than just saying “try again” when you got an answer wrong, it gave you a hint to remind you how to work it out. (For example, if you chose the wrong word as a synonym, it would remind you it means the two words mean pretty much the same thing).

stickers page

Syd wasn’t particularly bothered about the sticker element of the app, (pictured below). She did enjoy watching the videos and reading the facts attached to them, though. I think this was more of a reward in her eyes.

Genius Feature

Something which I think a lot of parents will love is the ability to add gifts yourself. So, if your child isn’t enthusiastic about using the app, you can set them goals to encourage them to use it…

Add gift feature

I can imagine a lot of kids working their socks off to earn the new coveted computer game, or even £2 for that matter! The possibilities are endless!

No app is ever perfect, and the same can be said for KidSmart. However, they have an amazing way of letting you report any errors. The questions on the app are written by professionals, but every now and then a typo or glitch slips through the net. If you find one (like we did), you hit the report flag, and within minutes, the question is corrected or removed. This, for me was amazing. We all know how difficult it usually is to report things, so this was a breath of fresh air!


I signed up for the 14 day free trial for the purpose of the KidSmart App Review. Syd has played the app every night since – at her request. That, for me speaks volumes. In my opinion, if kids are happier to engage and learn via a tablet, let them! This app does just that! Whether your child is home schooled or public schooled, they’ll benefit from this app, in my opinion.

All told, I highly recommend the app for people considering tutoring for their child(ren), or those looking to give their children a little boost. The 14 day free trial is brilliant, as you can see how your child gets on, and if they enjoy the app before signing up.

Finally, I love that there is no contract – you can cancel your subscription at any time and it won’t renew next time it’s due. If you enjoyed this KidSmart App Review, check out more of my geeky stuff here.




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