Project 366

I have always had an annoying habit of jumping on the bandwagon a
little late. That is EXACTLY what I’m doing in this blog post!!

A good twitter & blogger friend of mine did a fabulous Project
365 last year – basically she posted a different photo from each day of
the year.
This year, she has decided to do a project 366 (because it’s a leap
year) linky. (A link up service allowing other bloggers to link up to
view each other’s versions of project 366?s).

So…. I’m only 9 days late in posting my first entry lol.
I take loads of photos on my iPhone each day, so I have managed to
choose one from each day of the year here & will do a mass post of
them in a moment.

From this point forwards, you can view them in my Project 366
category and I’ll link back to my favourite post of the week each Sunday
via TheBoyAndMe’s link up. (Click on the badge at the bottom to view
other blogger’s Project 366?s).

So here goes…..

January 1st:

January 2nd:

Sleeping Beauty

January 3rd:

Toes For Tea

January 4th:

Sleepy Cuddles

January 5th:

Happy Un-Birthday to Sam

January 6th:

Thank You

January 7th:

Sam’s First Time

January 8th:

DIY Pillow

January 9th:

Yum Yum

So there you have it… My first 9 days are done!!
None of these photos were taken with Project 366 in mind, so I’ll aim for a bit more variety in my content in future.
I am not a photographer, and use only my iPhone to take my photos, so bare this in mind when judging my “work”.

TheBoyandMe's 366 Linky

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