SnapHappy Britmums June – Day 5 to 8

I have been mad busy the past few days, so haven’t managed to post my Britmums Photos.
I have still been collecting them, though.

I purposely missed day 5 – Jubilee, mainly because we weren’t celebrating it. The weekend was reserved for Sam’s 1st birthday celebrations.

Day 6 – Wheels – Batman & Robyn’s new 2 seater BatMobile arrived on the 6th – A Phil & Teds Vibe V2. Here’s Batman testing it out. He loves getting new wheels!!

Day 7 – Love – Yesterday was mine & DaddyGeek’s 2nd Wedding anniversary, so it seemed only fair I take a photo of us. DaddyGeek hates having his photo taken though, so I opted for rings instead!

Day 8 – Door – I was lacking inspiration today, so I decided to raid the Geek archives instead. I found this awesome photo of me (Left) and my big sis stood at our front door . I think I am about 5 on this photo, and my sis is about 8, so it’s about 1989. Gotta love the slippers & my “Lizzie” Pyjamas! Remember her – the Exercise woman on TVAM. I was sure it was her haha!!

Find out more about the Britmums SnapHappy Photo Challenge HERE

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