For as long as I can remember, I’ve preferred hand made cards and gifts over commercial ones. There’s something about a hand written card or note which is so much more beautiful than a generic item. So with that in mind, today I’m sharing some of the reasons why people love hand made clothes and gifts. Read on to find out what it is that makes them so special.

Why People Love Hand Made Clothes And Gifts

As a child, I remember making my Mum a Mother’s Day card. I was the youngest of my mum’s 5 kids, and the only one to make a card. She was so appreciative of that card, and it got pride of place on the fireplace. It was at that point I realised it was worth making the effort for those you love.

girl holds hand made card behind back for her mum. She knows why people love hand made clothes and gifts

It’s The Thought That Counts

When you buy hand made clothes and gifts,  it usually involves more thought and effort than popping to the shop to pick a gift. So that alone tends to make them well – received. I’ll never forget when I had personalised candles made for all my loved ones one Christmas. They only cost a few pounds each, but my auntie and uncle still have theirs on display every Christmas.

Personal Touches

When my daughter was born in 2012, I discovered a passion for hand made clothes. Before long, over half of her wardrobe was hand made pieces. It was addictive. I recall swooning over small businesses on Etsy and taking in all of the details. From the details on each printed label to the small decals, embroidered onto the garment.

hand made skirt from beebeesknees lay flat on the floor and below, it still wrapped, with personalised tag on display. The tag reads "handmade by beebeesknees with love." A good example of why people love hand made clothes and gifts

Even the recycled brown paper and string the clothes came wrapped in made the hand made skirts so much more special than those from a High Street store. The above skirt was from BeeBeesKnees, and didn’t cost much more either, and got so many compliments!

Stand Out From The Crowd

With clothes in particular, it’s always good to have something nobody else has. So if you want everyone to ask where your top is from, opting for a hand made outfit is a safe bet. Chances are, most of your friends will have seen the same tops on the high street that you have. However, a custom piece is sure to raise a few compliments. It’s also brilliant that many small sellers don’t cost much more than high street stores.

Support Local Businesses

Something else I love about hand made clothes and gifts is the fact you’re supporting local people. I’d sooner spend a few pounds more to support someone selling hand made soap at a local maker’s market for example… Rather than give that money to a large chain store. You know that money will be helping someone to do what they love, rather than adding to the profits of a large corporation.

woman chopping hand made soap

Food For Thought

The same thing applies to food as well. So rather than picking up a generic box of chocolates or tin of biscuits next time it’s someone’s birthday… Why not consider checking out a local food market and putting together a selection of delicious, locally sourced produce.


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