I’m Supporting – 2012 Olympics

I remember as a kid hearing that the Olympics might be coming to the UK in 2012 and wondering what life would be like then. I imagined robot cleaners, flying cars, and rocket powered roller boots. I wasn’t far off…

Electric cars are definitely here, (ok they don’t fly, but they don’t make me wheeze like my Dad’s old banger did back then, either).
You can buy crazy gadgets to hoover your floors now, too. I can’t say I’ve seen any rocket powered roller boots, but there are kids on electric scooters now, so I bet it won’t be long! Hmm, perhaps I need to swap blogging for inventing.

I am a big fan of the Olympics, but this time, it will be bitter-sweet for me.
I remember as a kid watching the 1992 Spain Olympic Games with my Dad. He definitely got me hooked on it all. The 2012 Olympics start on what would have been my Dad’s 60th Birthday if he were still with us. Something tells me I’ll be sniffling as I watch the opening ceremony.

Most of you know I am due to have my 2nd baby at the end of June. For that reason, I won’t be making the trip down to London as a spectator or a volunteer, but I will still be showing my support to our Athletes as and when possible. Expect lots of tweets about the games, and some blog posts too.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning tickets to the Olympic and Paralympic games, check out Next’s “Wear it, Wave it, win with it” competition.


They are giving away different prizes each week, including tickets, tours and a holiday too! To win, simply upload a photo of your supporter’s scarf HERE:

This is my entry – Sam modelling his Paralympics scarf as a Bandana style bib – (Spot the Team GB logo at the bottom of it)!

Scarves are available from Next and cost £5.
You can choose whether to wear it or wave it!
Good Luck! And GO TEAM GB!

*I was sent the scarf to promote the competition, but all words and views are my own*

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