Syd and I attended a Dyson engineering event at MSI last weekend. So I wanted to share our day with you all. The idea behind the event was to champion the world of engineering, and STEM. Also, to encourage a younger generation to think about the opportunities available for them in this sector.

Dyson Engineering Event

Bloggers and their children were invited along to the dyson Engineering Event to learn about 3 of Dyson’s products… The V8 cordless Vacuum, the Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier and the Cinetic Big Ball Animal Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Dyson Engineering Event

We learnt about the technology behind them in two interactive, fun workshops. Two Dyson engineers hosted the workshops. They discussed the technology in depth, whilst interacting with all of the guests – both children and adults.

Our Thoughts

Syd is 4, and was absolutely amazed by the paper fan she made in the first workshop. She was almost as excited as I was by the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier we used during the task! I think she enjoyed the Dyson Engineering Event!

Did you know there are Dyson machines in over 75 countries around the world now? Dyson’s certainly come a long way. The company has grown from one man with one idea… To a technology company which currently employs over 3,000 engineers worldwide. Additionally, that’s an ever increasing number, and they are all experts in their fields. Including fluid dynamics, robotics, acoustics, electronics and microbiology to name but a few. The company isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, either.

Part 2

During the second task of the day, we learnt all about weight distribution. Additionally, how the new self – righting Dyson Cinetic Vacuum Cleaner works. We have one of the older pull – along Dyson Animal vacuums. And my pet peeve is when it tips over if it catches on the furniture. That doesn’t happen with the new Cinetic though. Who knew surprise eggs could teach our kids about weight distribution?

Dyson Engineering Event

I was really pleased to see that Dyson have addressed the annoying issue of trying to get all of the waste out of the cordless models’ chamber. The new Dyson V8 cordless boasts one hand operation. You can use it and empty it completely, with just one hand! So it’s fab if you need to hold the bin lid open like I do!

The event involved glitter, coffee and flour being poured on different surfaces so we could put the two vacuums through their paces.

Dyson Engineering Event

I have to say, I have never seen a group of children so keen to clean up their mess. Sydney has already put in her order with Father Christmas. She tells me she wants “lots of glitter, flour and brown dirt, to pour over the floor and then vac up” – Thanks for that, Dyson! We had a great day at the Dyson Engineering Event and would be keen to attend more in future!

Dyson Engineering Event

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We attended the unpaid event, and I wanted to share it with my readers. We received a goodie bag for attending.

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