If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know we have an allotment at Bents Garden and Home.  This means we are in the store a lot – Hubby is usually shopping, while I’m busy inhaling cake and the kids are playing in one of the play areas. Recently, they opened a brand new Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf area, and we were invited along to try it out ourselves last weekend.

Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf is a Dinosaur themed “Miniature Golf” Course. It is located next to the outdoor play area in Bents. The course has 9 holes and is suitable for anyone who can swing a golf club! (There are pricing options for under 4’s, over 4’s and adults). A family of 2 adults and 2 children can play 1 game for £16. Individual prices  and opening times can be viewed below.

Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf Prices

Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf

You pay for your game in the new Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf Centre. They will then give you a golf club for each player and you can choose your own golf balls. The 9 holes are all laid out differently, and are easy enough for children to manage. Syd is 4, and she managed most holes in 7 shots or under…!

Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf Bents

How’s The Course?

None of the holes feature moving scenery that you have to navigate your ball around or through, but some of the scenery around the area does more. There are 2 large, moving dinosaurs, which Syd was convinced were going to charge at us on at least one occasion! She didn’t let it put her off her game though…

Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf Bents

The course was great fun to play, and the area was well maintained and engaging throughout. The main issue we had was trying to show Syd how to correctly hold her golf club. I don’t think Dustin Johnson needs to worry about Syd taking his Championship Title just yet…..!

Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf

It took us around 30 minutes to complete the Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf course. There were quite a lot of people playing at the same time, so we did have to wait a few minutes between holes. This allowed us to enjoy the Dinosaurs and fill in our score sheet as we went around.

Who Won

I’d love to tell you that I beat DaddyGeek, but he pipped me on the last 2 holes.

What Happened Next?

Once we’d finished our game, we headed back into the Golf Centre, and decided to get some refreshments in the cafe. While I was ordering those, Syd and Hubby decided they’d play Paleontologists and excavate some dinosaur remains….


If I had to give some tips to other visitors, I’d say… Make sure you put your sun cream on before you visit. There aren’t any shady places to hide while you play. If the weather isn’t great, check the Bents Facebook Page to make sure Jurassic Cove is open. Also, make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes! We had a brilliant time at Jurassic Cove, and will definitely be visiting again. Finally, check out more of our adventures here!

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