Guest Post written by Bex B… For those who may not know who I am, my name is Bex. I used to blog, but my life became too hectic and blogging became too stressful so I quit earlier this year. I used to blog at ClearlyBex, and during my blogging years I made some amazing friends. I’ve managed to keep in contact with some lovely PR’s who know my likes/dislikes. So when I was offered a VIP day at the final round of the British GT Championships courtesy of Mini I knew I couldn’t resist. Instantly I knew this would bring me within “toe dipping” distance of the world of blogging again. I knew I could guest post on my best friend’s blog – thank you Tina.

British GT Championships

British GT Championships

A hobby I never really admitted much on my own blog was my love of motor sports. I love nothing more than watching cars race… Getting absorbed in the atmosphere and drama of watching battles unfold on the race track. Pre kids I was even a start-line marshal, marshalling at weekends. I thoroughly enjoyed appearing at small club meetings, larger meetings (like the GT’s). Additionally, British Touring Cars and even the annual round of the F1 at Silverstone.

Our Day

So now you could probably understand why I agreed to attend 2017’s British GT Championships last weekend at Donington Park. I was invited along by Artline who are currently sponsoring 16 year old George Sutton competing in the Mini Championship.

British GT Championships

Who is George Sutton?

George Sutton is currently in his first year of racing in the Mini Championship, and doing remarkably well. He has a strong racing background, starting out his career racing karts aged 9. George has done amazingly and is proving to be a young star in the making. Competing and winning various championships over the years. Firstly, Sutton won the Junior Club Champion at Hooton Park in 2012/13. Secondly, the Northern TKM Championship in 2014 as well as coming 10th in the Super 1 British Junior TKM Championship. George has also competed in the 2015/2016 Junior Saloon Car Championship with a Citroen Saxo. He had some very strong performances, finishing 5th, 3 points adrift of 3rd place! I really do look to seeing amazing things from George over the coming years.

British GT Championships

VIP Style

We were treated to a VIP visit with Artline entitling us to mingle with the team at George Sutton Racing We also had access to the VIP tent, enjoying somewhere to sit quietly, relax and enjoy the lovely food and drinks on offer.

Whilst enjoying a little rest in the tent in the morning, I bumped into another family who were also enjoying a family day out after a competition win courtesy of Artline. None other that George Sutton’s biggest fan, introducing 5 year old mini George Sutton (no kidding!).

Mini George Sutton

During the course of the day, there were two Mini Championship races, the first began shortly after midday. We took our seats in the grandstand by the start-line to watch George compete in his race. Starting the race in P6, George was quick to gain a position. He then held the P5 position well through to the end of the race.


The second race of the day for the Mini Championship saw George take his place on the grid in P5 (the result of race 1). He finished in P6, losing a place early on in the race but holding position really well.

Overall the championship finished with George Sutton claiming 8th in the Driver Standings. Throughout the day, Mini Championship drivers were given the opportunity to sign a tyre using pens from the Artline range. The tyre was on display by the garage of George Sutton Racing, and will be auctioned off at a later date.

George Sutton Tyre

We had a great family day out, enjoying other races that were happening during the day. It was a great day to wrap up the 2017 racing calendar. Thank you to everyone for the hospitality, and Donington Park for hosting great racing.

Good luck for the 2018 season George! Finally, check out my motoring category.

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