Sydney’s Style – 29th September 2012

Last weekend, I became one of “those” Mothers.
The ones I always swore I’d never be like.
The ones who go to the NEXT Sale.

I used to laugh at them for queuing outside ready for the doors opening.
Now I understand why they do it.
Girls are so blooming expensive!
I swear, I have spent more on clothes for Syd in the past 14 weeks than I did in 12 Months with Sam.

So, the next sale, and it’s 50% off babygrows was just too appealing.
I am not YET crazy enough to queue up at daft o’clock, but I understand why people do.
We got to the store at about 12pm and there was 1 thing left in 3-6m for girls.
A pack of 3 sleepsuits. Reduced from £15 to £7.50.
Sydney needs the sleepsuits with Mittens built in as she is like a descendant of Houdini when it comes to getting out of regular scratch mittens!

This is one of the sleepsuits out of the 3 pack.
The other 2 were
much nicer (Emphasis on “Were” – they were turned a hideous shade of
washed out blue by some Primark jogging bottoms I bought Sam). I know
where I WILL NOT be shopping again.

Yes, she is wearing a blue trimmed bib – her zilion pink ones were in the washing basket. Oh the joys of having a refluxy baby…!!

Until next week….

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