50 Shades of Grey Nails

Pre babies, I was a TOTAL nail polish addict. I would spend hours every night painting my nails. When they didn’t need doing, I’d spend hours shopping online for new stuff, researching styles and painting nail wheels.

Since I had the kids and began blogging, my nails have been very neglected. Until now! This month has seen me dust off my HUGE nail polish collection and begin looking after my nails again. I still have a lot of work to do, but I have been painting them every few days and filing and moisturising them daily. 

Earlier today, I looked down my Instagram timeline and noticed a pattern in the last 3 colours I have painted my nails – Let’s see if you notice it too…

Yep… I seem to have subconsciously been working my way through all of my Grey tones! Perhaps it’s a sign of the grey, dreary weather…. or it could be my subconscious reminding me the film is out next month. Who knows! I decided to do a quick blog post to share them with you all anyways – Here goes, then…

Top-Left is “Big Smoke” by The Body Shop. It is number 710 of the Colour Crush collection and retails at £5. This colour is wet look, and really reflective – you can practically see your reflection in it once you’ve got your top coat on! (I used Leighton Denny’s Crystal Finish here). This polish was a little thick, so it took a long time to dry. It chipped after 2 days, but that’s normal for me. For the price, it’s good value. I do like it, but the quality isn’t the best for this price band. That said, I love the fact it’s Body Shop so I know it hasn’t been tested on animals – It’s Vegan approved, actually!

Top-Right is a polish I bought from Amazon a good 4 years ago. It is called “no. 232” and is  part of the Stargazer Chrome range. It is still available for £3.80. This polish is a total bargain. I used a Matt top coat here (From GOSH at Superdrug), so it doesn’t look anywhere near as chrome like as it can do. It is really easy to apply and dries quickly. You do need 3 thin coats, though. It is brilliant for a party. It isn’t very hard wearing, and chipped within 24 hours. It shows off every lump and bump if you look closely, but it has a real “wow” factor about it. It’s definitely one I’ll replace when it runs out.

Bottom-Right is Leading Lilac by Leighton Denny. This is my all time favourite brand! It is amazing quality, durable and really easy to apply. I got this polish as part of a set around 3 years ago now. It has got a bit darker in that time, and has lost some of its lilac edge. I still love it though. I wear it a lot and there isn’t any gloopiness despite its’ age. I am still wearing this polish now – 3 days after application. I was about to write that it’s still chip free, but I just chipped a nail on my phone case. Still… 3 days wear without chipping is not something I manage to achieve with most brands. I am wearing 2 coats, with one coat of Leighton Denny’s Crystal Finish top coat. The individual price of this polish is £11, but if you shop around and look out for it in sets, you can pick it up for under £5. (Check out TK Maxx for some fab Leighton Denny bargains)!

I am wearing Leighton Danny Under Cover base coat as the bottom layer with all 3 polishes – this retails at £11 as well…. It can be picked up much cheaper within sets though.

This is not a sponsored post. I just thought I’d share some of my most recent nail colour choices.

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