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Week 72 of #TT_Thursday

I usually talk about how amazing the posts which were linked up last week here… But I am going to have to use my get out of jail free card for Week 72… Are you ready for my lame excuses for not reading and commenting last week’s posts yet…? A). I was busy taking Sam to nursery every morning, then picking him up, driving him 11 miles and dropping him at school… Then visiting relatives until it was time to collect him and drive him home.

B). The above left me too tired to function most evenings. C). ClearlyBex came to visit and let me drink wine – it took me 3 days to recover! D). I’m rubbish. E). I’ve been spending every single spare minute filming youtube videos for my Christmas Book Advent Series. (I’m reading a different children’s christmas story every day of Advent over on my youtube channel)!

I will read and comment as soon as I get a second though – honest!

In lieu of my being totally rubbish at commenting this week, I figured I’d give you all a good laugh at my expense… This is a special edition of #TT_Thursday for me – I’m nicknaming it UN-TRENDY TOT THURSDAY. No prizes for guessing who the poor child pictured below is…!

Week 72 ttt

I have to say, the middle photo makes me realise how much Sydney looks like me! If she had a fringe, she’d be my double! I am guessing ages here, but I think I’m around 4 on the first photo, around 3 on the middle image, and about 6 on the end one.

Un Trendy

I’m guessing my Mum had cut my fringe on the first picture – MEAN MUM ALERT! (Although it could have been my Dad – He was mean too)! The ribbon round my waist is  trying (and failing) to hide the fact the dress os much too large for me on the waist area.  My sister was much bigger than me, and I suspect this was one of her hand made dresses, upcycled for little old me!

I’m wearing a highly itchy knitted number in the middle photo. It is actually a dress, with an elasticated waistband to make it look like a twin set – (NO IDEA WHY)! The neck hole is much too big for me, which leads me to suspect this was another hand-me-down from big-sis!!

The final outfit is one I have to give my mum huge glares for, when I see her next. I remember her buying me this outfit. It’s cullottes and a blouse, with the most hideous print I have ever seen. Cheers Mum! Just out of shot are my two cousins, both looking super cute in their gorgeous party dresses…! I wonder if Sydney will cringe at her childhood outfits like I do, my own…!

Over To You

Maybe we should all have an un-trendy tot post and share the cringe-worthy photos…? No…? Spoil-sports!

Now it’s your turn…. Let’s see your Week 72 Trendy Tots! Feel free to pop your link in the linky box below, and please do try to read and comment on some of the other posts – that’s what makes linkys work, after all.

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