Back when I was pregnant with Sam, I used to spend hours making him hand printed vests. I used iron – on transfer paper I bought in a supermarket. I printed my chosen image onto it at home, using a standard printer. The end result was a bit hit and miss. This was one of my creations…

I hate Bieber baby grow What I would wear

While the text was 100% accurate, and loved by many, the quality of the printing wasn’t great. It peeled off when it was washed too,. So while it looked cute for one wear, it wasn’t something Sam could wear over and over again. Once I got into blogging… It became apparent that when attending events and conferences, it was hard to identify my online friends in the crowd. So I decided that making myself a top with my blog name printed on would make it easy for people who knew me to identify me. When considering What I would wear to an event like Britmums, this is definitely it!

What I would wear to blog events like Britmums

what would I wear to Britmums

I tried (and failed) to create one at home which looked good enough to wear to an event, so I opted to order one from Spreadshirt. The T-shirt Design feature on their website made it really easy to upload my blog’s logo and to position it exactly where I wanted it on the top.

I loved the fact there were so many different styles of tops to choose from, including T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts and  polo shirts. There was also a rainbow of colour options for the top as well as the print going onto it. There were plenty of different T-shirt cut choices too. I opted for a round neck ladies top in the end. I was very tempted to order myself a jacket as well, but in the end, I settled for just a t-shirt. The order process was really simple, and my top arrived a week after I placed my order.

The image on the right was me wearing my tee for the first time, over 3 years ago. I haven’t been to an event in ages, but I still have the top hung up on my wardrobe, waiting semi patiently for its next outing. It has been worn and washed 5 times now, and still looks as good as new.

I got the top from Spreadshirt. They have branched out, and now provide more than just shirt printing. You can order bags, phone cases, mugs and coasters too.  They are good value, and there’s a huge range of cool designs other people have uploaded you can order too. Finally, check out more of my fashion content here.

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