A Fishy Tale

Our garden used to be my little sanctuary. It had a small pond in the middle, and you could hear the fountain tinkling away as you lazed around on the decking, or in the summer house.

Fast forward 5 years, and my decking is now over run with slides, a sand pit, a water table and a play house. Not to mention the scooters, skateboard, 8 foot trampoline and seemingly endless supply of plastic toys.

My once zen-like pond is now full of compost and is the home of an impressive weed collection. We said goodbye to the water in 2012, as I was terrified Sam would end up falling in. My Summer House is in the process of being transformed into a Cubby for the kids. (AKA an outdoorsy playroom for us to store yet more of their toys in).

Basically, my garden is now THEIR garden. MEH! I have been trying to find some other ways to recreate that zen-like feeling, elsewhere in the house.

I am a big fan of fish (when they are still swimming) – not the battered ones, served with Salt n Vinegar! We’ve got two 60 litre biorbs, and I find them almost as relaxing as my old, zen like pond and fountain. One of them houses the fish we originally had in the pond, outside. He’s called Sebastian and has been with us for 5 years now! He lives in the kitchen – Sam loves him!

My second Bi-orb is currently empty, and I think the time has come to set it up again in the lounge. I can’t decide whether to set it up with Tropical fish (which we had in there originally), or whether to stick with cold water – which definitely last longer and don’t need cleaning so often in my experience.

I’ve been looking at aquarium ornaments on All Pond Solutions for inspiration. I am torn between going for really colourful setup (like the one shown above) or to go for a kind of under the sea ruins type effect. Brightly coloured ornaments need more cleaning in my experience, so I will probably go for duller accessories to minimise the workload. 

In an ideal world, I would have a huge marine tank, sunk into the wall. Alas… I don’t have the money for that (or the time to devote to looking after it). Marine fish aren’t easy to keep, though so I think it’ll probably be coldwater fish for me. I’ll make sure I share photos when it is set up again.

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