Bedroom Tetris

Pre babies, our house was perfect. Hubby bought it before we met, then spent a fortune doing it up once I moved in. It was amazing.

Then we had kids, and promptly realised our house was about as un-child-friendly as possible. Let me explain. On paper it’s a 3 storey, 4 bedroom house. In reality, one of those bedrooms is on the ground floor (now the playroom). The master bedroom and the smallest bedroom are on the 2nd storey. The other bedroom is on the middle floor, and is hubby’s office. (He works from home, and the office furniture is all built in).

As it stands now, Sam has got the smallest bedroom to himself, and Syd’s still in our room – in her cotbed. This is far from ideal. She’s almost outgrown the combed now, and a full size single bed will not fit into our bedroom.

There is no way in a million years I am willing to use the ground floor bedroom for either of the kids bedrooms, as I don’t trust them being that close to the kitchen or exits when left unsupervised. This means our only option is for the kids to share (at least until we can afford to do some serious remodelling).

Sam’s bedroom is tiny, so I have really got my work cut out trying to squeeze 2 beds in there. (It’ll have to be bunk beds). I have found some which have stairs rather than a ladder, and the bottom bunk is almost at floor level, so they are lower than standard bunkbeds. I am hoping this will make them safer for the kids, given the fact they are so young.

There isn’t really space to fit traditional wardrobes in the bedroom as well. To be honest, the entire room is a bit like a giant game of tetris. “nudge the beds along slightly, then we can fit the drawers here,” etc. I have been looking at fitted wardrobes with sliding doors. My thinking here is there won’t need to be room to open the doors outwards, so the kids will be able to look through their wardrobe without the open door taking up half the room, or blocking the doorway as it currently does.

I definitely need to do some more homework though. I think I’ll have to get out the tape measure again next week to see how much wardrobe/storage space there is before I decide whether to go for freestanding or built in wardrobes. Keep your eyes open for more posts on our crazy bedroom juggling adventures.

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