Today, I’m sharing Our Christmas Decorations. I am, quite possibly one of the biggest Christmas fans I know. Our decorations were all up by Mid November, and I was singing Christmas songs then as well. This is my 5th Christmas as a blogger, and I think it’s time I share with you some of my favourite Christmas Decorations. Some of them are home made, others were bought online and we’ve had a couple of items sent to us as press samples as well….

Our Christmas Decorations

Our Christmas Decorations

1). This is definitely not a good photograph, but I had to share my Wooden Merry Christmas Bunting. I picked this up in Sainsburys last year for under a pound. (Get down there the week between Christmas and New Year for amazing bargains on Christmas Decorations)!

2). Next, I have to show you the Wooden Star Sydney made for the tree last year. I LOVE this. We got a kit from Baker Ross last year, and she really enjoyed making it. We’ll definitely be getting some more from them this year!

3). This Wall Sticker is from Vinyl Impression. It costs £18 and it has really brightened up one of our blank walls. It’s no secret that I am a huge reindeer fan, so I was beyond excited when I saw this design.

It was easy to put on, and I am told it peels off easily too. Just make sure you have some masking tape to hand, as you need this to put it up easily. (We couldn’t have managed without it)!

I’ll be sad to see it go, come January. So much so, I’m tempted to leave it up and feign ignorance.

(I wonder how long it’ll take hubby to realise)…?

4). My Fuzzy Felt Christmas Tree is one of my favourite Christmas Decorations. It’s literally a 1 metre tall Green Felt Triangle (stuck to the wall) with some felt decorations which can be attached and removed just like normal fuzzy felt toys.

I made this last year. The Green felt cost me around £5 on Amazon, the decorations were about £1 in Tesco (pre cut) and the tree trunk and star were made from some off cuts of felt I had lying around. The kids both loved it. I haven’t put it up yet this year, as the wall it was on last year is now permanently covered by a rocking horse. SOB.

5). Last but not least, The Snowman and Snowdog Snowglobe was bought by my hubby last year. It has LED lights and plays Christmas tunes. It’s really heavy, and has falling snow, like a snow globe when you turn it upside down. (Don’t let the kids see you do this though, as they’ll probably drop it if they try to pick it up)!

I find it really calming to watch, and I love the fact you can have the lights on with or without the music. This item has an RRP of £49, but I suggest you shop around as it’s available significantly cheaper online. It takes batteries, and isn’t clockwork, so make sure you stock up if you’re buying this as a gift for a Snowman fan. There’s nothing more irritating as a present without batteries on Christmas day.

So there’s 5 of my favourite Christmas Decorations from our house. I decided not to show you the tree here, as I have shared that loads of times on social media in the past. I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneaky peek into our Christmas Decorations.

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This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share some of our favourite Christmas decorations.

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