If you read my blog regularly, you’ll already know I am in the middle of doing a full house refurbishment. You can read more about how it is going here. Once the rewire was completed, it was time for me to start choosing smart thermostats for my new house. Read on to see which smart thermostat, door bell and security systems I have decided on.

Choosing Smart Thermostats For My New House

Having replaced the boiler recently, I knew I wanted to get a smart thermostat installed. I loved the idea of being able to control the heating from my phone, so it was warm when I got home. Additionally, the fact they can save you so much money made it seem worth investing in.

Firstly, I looked into how much smart thermostat installation costs when hiring a professional to get it running. In my local area, that was around £75, assuming I already had the device. Next, I shopped around to look at different devices. I narrowed it down to Nest or Hive, so I could adjust the temperature via my smartphone. In the end, I decided Nest looked the best option for us as a family. The only drawback to this that I could see was the fact it needs wiring in. The pro’s far out-weigh the cons though.

choosing smart devices and gadgets - nest thermostat on the wall

Why Nest?

The reason I went with the Nest smart thermostat over Hive is the fact you can add so many other products to your setup as you go along. Nest Cam looks like a brilliant security option for us. Being a single mum, one of my biggest worries is keeping the kids safe. I worry about break ins a lot, and think a good home security system is essential. Our existing one is dated, so we will definitely be upgrading to something like this as soon as possible.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell seems perfect for us, too. I love the thought of being alerted when someone rings my doorbell, and being able to talk to them via the app. Perfect if you miss a delivery or a friend calls, unannounced.

The Nest Protect smoke alarm system also looks perfect for us. If your device detects smoke or co2, it will alert you via the nest app. You can also give everyone in the house access to the household’s Nest devices via the app on their smartphone. In theory, should the worst ever happen, someone else could alert the emergency services from miles away.

I love the fact you can silence the alarm from the app too – this will make those 2am “low battery” warnings a thing of the past! Between this, and altering the heating’s temperature from my phone… It really was a no brainer!

choosing smart devices and gadgets - nest app in use
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Other Smart Devices

I have an iPhone, and Nest is a Google brand. This isn’t an issue though – the app is available via iOS. One thing I do need to think about though is replacing my two echo dots with google Nest Mini’s. I don’t have any smart plugs or bulbs yet, but they are definitely on my shopping list. Finally, I hope this choosing smart devices and gadgets post has been helpful – let me know in the comments if it’s helped you decide which product(s) to buy.

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