Cleaning is one of the biggest points of friction between couples. Differences in cleaning habits can be a source of continuous disagreements which can nag away and eventual undermine a relationship. You may shudder at the thought of doing cleaning but the house won’t clean itself. In this article, I am sharing ways you can turn cleaning to your advantage. In other words… Five ways your dirty laundry could strengthen your relationship, and enhance your own well-being. I hope this piece gives you some motivation and inspiration! 

Ways Your Dirty Laundry Could Strengthen Your Relationship

With proper planning, regular communication and calm minds… You can figure out the perfect cleaning routine for both you and your significant other that won’t end in tears. Here are my tips below.

Talk about cleaning

Communication is key. Just talking through what needs to be done and how it can be done before anyone even touches the cleaning products under the sink really helps. It is also easy. Ask your partner what jobs they want to do and respond by telling your partner what jobs you want to do. 

Alternate the nastiest jobs on a weekly basis, such as doing the washing-up. You can share the pain and also get to know how to separate tasks between you in a way that keeps you both satisfied. 

It’s also great to do tasks together. Working as a team makes cleaning way more fun and enjoyable. Either way, as long as you both talk to each other about cleaning before you dive in, you’re less likely to create disagreements.

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Spending Time Together

An obvious benefit of cleaning together is that you can spend some time together doing something productive a few hours a week. We get it. A lot of people have super busy schedules, working the 9 to 5, going out, running errands. There’s very little quality time you can spend with your significant other because when you do come home in the evening many people are way too tired to function.

This is where cleaning comes in. A few hours where you can chat about your week and your plans. It’s good way to catch up and chat about what’s going on in your partner’s life. You also get important chores done around the house. It basically feeding two birds with one scone!


It’s all about teamwork. By organising your cleaning routine and delegating tasks, you and your significant other can work better as a team. After all, you both have the same goal: Making your home spotless. 

Most likely, you spend a couple of hours a week cleaning. Maybe just one hour a week. Regardless of how long, making most efficient use of this time can, not only bring you closer to your partner than you’d think but also make those hours of cleaning fly by. At the end of the day, no one wants to spend hours and hours cleaning, so team up to halve the tasks.

By working cooperatively you’re more likely to achieve that goal. And why stop there? If you can learn to work better together in cleaning who knows what else you might achieve by joining forces.

Enjoy Your Clean Home Together

Studies show that having a clean and organised home can actually make you happier. Now, if this doesn’t make you want to start tidying up, I don’t know what will! Having a spotless home space can help you and your significant other become positive minded, optimistic and more comfortable. 

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Staying home on a Friday night becomes a delight in a relaxing clean home. You won’t feel like going out and breaking the bank in a restaurant when you have a takeaway and Netflix. Having a clean and sparkly home has also been found to reduce stress. Helping your partner to do the chores will help ease their exhaustion too. 

Sense of Achievement

It’s the little things in life! Getting all the necessary chores done in your home is a small yet mighty triumph and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. By finishing important tasks and chores around your own house, you are more likely to build up a sense of pride and achievement. 


Right now, cleaning may seem like an enormous and overwhelming task that causes quarrels and amongst you and your partner. However, it is easy to use it as a tool for improving your relationship with your partner. Remember to break everything down into doable chores. Go through tasks slowly and properly. Organise the workload between yourselves. And don’t forget to enjoy yourselves!

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