Whether you have one child, several children or are expecting… There’s much that you can do to enhance the appearance of a room so that it is well suited for your kids! So with that in mind, today I’m sharing some ideas for redecorating a child’s bedroom. Read on for some inspiration. 

Ideas For Redecorating A Child’s Bedroom

Firstly, you should consider whether the bed needs to be replaced. To save on space, you could have a bed installed with storage units. Or even have a professional modify an existing bed, to add drawers into its sides to store items such as toys. 

Alternatively, you could have a bunk bed added to the room. A bunk bed can firstly make a bedroom more spacious as a replacement for two single beds. Additionally,  it can also act as an exciting and fun fitting for your kids to enjoy!

ideas for redecorating a child’s bedroom - bunk beds

Space Saving Ideas

Other ways to save on space include adding vertical storage, installing new drawers or/and wardrobes and finding ways to put toys and other items high up in the room and preferably out of sight.

For the walls, you should consider how they could best be redecorated. This could mean adding new coats of paint, or adding fresh wallpaper. Whichever the choice, soft colours such as light blue, pale green, aqua, beige and lavender are among the best options for a child’s bedroom.

Flooring Options

In terms of the flooring, carpet or/and area rugs are suitable choices. Carpet is especially popular for bedrooms in general, largely due to its soft underfoot creating a comfortable feeling. Particularly when you’re not wearing shoes. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons of each. As well as taking into account your preferences and how much you’d like to spend. For instance, if you want timber floorboards added, you should consider the cost of wooden flooring. If you’d prefer carpet, you should take on board its durability and how easily it stains.

child's bedroom - blue walls, white wood floor - ideas for redecorating a child’s bedroom

Lighting Ideas

There are lots of options when it comes to lighting. There are three types you should consider adding. Firstly, you’ll need a general form of lighting as the main source of illumination in the room.  So that is an ordinary ceiling mounted or even wall mounted light. As for task lighting, this can include desk lamps and pendant lights while a popular type of accent lighting are lights known as wall sconces.

Finally, you may also be interested in purchasing smart brightness/colour adjustable lights. These will let you pick the right levels for different hours of the day. For instance, you could choose mellow colours and a lower brightness for the evening time so that it’ll be easier for your children to get to sleep!


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