Dear So and So…

Dear so & so…

I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the UK’s legislation preventing
stage 1 baby milk from being included in offers, discounts and

While I appreciate that “breast is best,” there are MANY women who
(for whatever reason) could not breast feed their baby. (myself being
one of them).

It is humiliating enough having the midwife, health visitor, breast
feeding councillor & lady 3 doors down reminding you that “breast is
best” when your milk supply dries up & you have no choice but to
switch to formula….

But when you prevent retailers from including baby milk in
promotions, it is almost impossible in the current climate to make ends

I had assumed I’d be able to successfully breast feed – thanks to the
government’s “everyone can do it” idealism. I didn’t budget spending
£45.30 a month on baby milk into my calculations & as a result, my
£128.73 per week statutory maternity pay does not cover all of my

As a house owning wife, I have 2 options: return to work early or make excessive cut backs! I chose the latter.

I received some vouchers today from the boots mother & baby club
offering £5 off a £20+ spend on anything & thought it would help us
save a couple of quid on Sam’s formula.
Upon checking the terms & conditions, it seems I can use them on
anything except baby milk – you know… The one thing they sell which
every baby needs.

The government drill into us “do not wean before 6 months” – I am
starting to think this is so you can bleed us dry on the vat on baby

I am seriously beginning to question just how “Great” Britain is.
Whatever happened to freedom of choice?!

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