Today is hubby’s birthday, so it’s only fair I say Happy Birthday Dear Hubby. He is 30-something today. Though when you see his present choice, you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s actually 3 today. Hubby asked for this gift AT LEAST 15 times. *probably more – I stopped listening after I’d decided to humour him.

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby

It is no secret hubby likes soft toys – we have a HUGE collection of reindeer & wild boar who live in our house – they all have names & most have outfits too lol (but that’s a story for another occasion)….

Getting back to today….

THIS was hubby’s gift of choice!

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby - Raa Raa toys

Yes – its Raa Raa the noisy lion and some of his friends (Topsy, Ooo Ooo & Hufty). And Raa Raa’s cubby buggy.

I have to admit it is a cool toy. You put one of the characters in the driving seat & press down and hold. The cubby buggy recognises which character it is & says a famous line of there’s from the show…. “Let’s jungly jump to it” & “Ooo Ooo hooray” are my favourites at present lol.

After finishing the quote, you let go pf the cubby buggy & it drives itself about a metre forwards while making cubby buggy noises.

Hours of fun to be had and the batteries were included – winner!

The Raa Raa toys are exclusive to Toys r us, and retail at £14.99 for the buggy with Raa Raa, then the additional characters are £7.99 per set (Topsy, Ooo Ooo and hufty come in set 1, and Raa Raa, Zebby & Crocky in set 2).

Sam ADORES Raa Raa the noisy lion – hitch is how hubby knows about it.
We’ve bought Sam some of the toys for Christmas, but I thought 2+ was too old for him – which is why hubby wanted it.

Confused as to who these characters are?!
Raa Raa the noisy lion is on cbeebies at 3.30pm Mon to Fri – check him out!!

So there we go! Hubby is another year older! Happy Birthday Dear Hubby! Enjoy your toys!

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