Firsts Meme

I was tagged by Mrs McGregor in a ‘Firsts Meme’ aaaaages ago. I’ve never done a meme before… ok to be honest, I’d never heard of one before I was tagged.

I suppose it’s a good way to spill my guts though, so here goes…

First Kiss
Oooh – I was about 4. The boy next door was called Peter & he was my
boyfriend. We used to sit on the bonnet of his granddad’s maroon car
& kiss. He live with his Polish grandad (our next door neighbour).
It was all very sweet – until I moved away & never saw him again!!

First Time I Fainted
erm: I never have.

First Time I Left Home
I ran away at 14 & was gone for about 2 hours lol. I didn’t
officially leave home until I was 25 & moved in with my now hubby.

First Video I Ever Rented
Hmmm, I’m not sure. First one I remember getting from the video shop was ET, but I’m sure there were others before then.

First Word I Spoke
My mum can’t remember but thinks it was dada.

I choose the following inspirational and gorgeous mummies to pass the ‘Firsts’ meme baton to.

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