Dear my 14 year old self

Dear 14 year old self… In the years to come, try to remember these things:

1). Never ever ride a motorbike – especially not when in a foreign country.
2). Eminem really isn’t as cool as you’ll think he is.
3). Try to remember not everybody is as trustworthy as you’d like to think they are. Your instincts are usually right.
4). Shit happens. You’re very good at dealing with it for the most part, but try not to let other people’s drama stress you out too much. Let them deal with it themselves!
5). Go travelling. If the man in your life at the time doesn’t want to join you, that’s his problem not yours!
6). Pizza may be tasty but oh my god it’ll make you obese. Everything in moderation!
7). Wear Sun Screen!
8). Life’s too short to hold grudges – get over it!
9). Partying is fun, but be careful how much you drink. Try to stay in control!
10). Appreciate your family – they won’t always be around & once they are gone, you’ll regret all the missed opportunities.

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