Pee-Gate – Every Mum’s Soft Play NIGHTMARE

Today, I took the kids to soft play to meet up with some of my favourite Twitter Mummies.
Sam was asleep for the first hour we were there (typical)!

When he woke up, he went off to play in the toddler section.
I could see him the entire time, and went in to check on him often.

At one point, I went in, and he was soaked from the knees down (he is still walking on his knees)!

I have NO IDEA if it was juice, pee or what, but I was horrified.
It wasn’t especially busy at the time it happened, so surely if a child had taken a drink in with them, someone would have noticed?

Thankfully, I always keep a change of clothes in the boot, so I was able to change him into clean clothes.

I was beyond sickened when I told the receptionist I thought my son had just crawled through pee and she rolled her eyes, though.


I have heard some horror stories about soft play, but today made me question the hygeine of those mats my son crawls round on – BLEAH!!

What about you?

Are you a soft play fan or a fanatical hater?!

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