Bad Mum’s Club

But Why Mummy Why has started the most amazing blog linky ever!
It is called the Bad Mum’s Club. The linky is open on the first Monday of each month. (click the badge at the bottom of the page to read the other entries).

I am cutting it a bit fine, publishing this so late in the day BUT I wanted to join in!

Here is my confession…

I am the parent who reaches for Tech to stop my toddlers from screaming blue murder in the middle of Costa… or Tesco… or the Doctor’s waiting room.

My toddlers are an impatient pair. Neither of them likes to be kept waiting. If they are bored, they want the entire world to know about it. If they have read their books, thrown all their raisins, finished their food, or if they don’t want to be stuck in their pram/highchair for a second longer, the screaming starts. It will carry on until I pull out the tech.

If my sticking an episode of Raa Raa or some Peppa Pig on my phone keeps them quiet while I finish my coffee in peace, I’ll do it. Does that make me a bad mummy? Probably. Do I care? Not especially!

I’d rather people frown at the kids watching Raa Raa than frown at the mother, rocking in the corner; because her kids won’t stop screaming for long enough for her to get some caffeine down her neck, after yet another sleepless night.

To the smug mums with well behaved kids, who look over in disgust when I do it… Your kids are so jealous! :-p

You have your methods and I have mine.

PS: I noticed upon linking up that the actual linky is open Monday To Friday – not just one day. Where do I collect my “Bad Blogger’s Club” badge??

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