This past week or so, I’ve had “The Lurgy”. In case you’re not familiar with the term, that means I have been poorly, sick, and / or ill. Last weekend saw me burning up so much, I was seeing things, throwing up and falling asleep constantly. As well as all of that loveliness, the kids have been ill too. The 3 of us have been coughing, wheezing and sneezing for over a week now.

We’ve Got The Lurgy

On Sunday night, Sydney threw up all over her bed, so she was off school on Monday and Tuesday. Trying to keep a bored 3 year old entertained when you feel like you’re going to faint any second is no fun. The poor girl was bored rigid, and so happy to get back to school on Wednesday!

Syd's Got The Lurgy

Then, of course, Sam threw a sickie at school on Wednesday. So I had to turn back around the second I got in from taking him to school to go back and collect him. (His school is 11 miles away – almost an hour each way in Manchester Rush Hour traffic). He was faking the lurgy and was fine once back home.

By the time Thursday rolled around, I was feeling a bit more human. My temperature was back to normal anyway, and I was finally eating again. I was still coughing constantly, exhausted and feeling sick though. Thankfully, I made it to Syd’s nativity, and watched her sing her little heart out – She was an angel… Along with the other 29 Nursery kids.


She looked so sweet in her little white dress, gold tinsel halo and bare feet. (Syd’s school still make their own costumes – nothing is bought by parents so all the kids looked like something from a c1985 Nativity – complete with tea towels on the Shepherds’ heads)!

By Friday, I was finally feeling well enough to fire up my laptop for the first time in almost a week. You’d think I’d get straight down to work after so much time out of action, but no. I decided I deserved a spot of down time first. Alas, there was nothing on I wanted to watch, so figured I’d better get on with some work instead. Cue filming 6 videos before driving back over to Rochdale again to collect Sam.

It’s non stop here, these days. I am still not feeling 100% but am definitely well on the road to recovery. Fingers crossed I am completely better when the kids break up on Friday, so we can squeeze in some fab Christmas activities and family visits before Santa arrives. And let’s cross everything hubby doesn’t get The Lurgy!

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