I realised this morning that I have never blogged about my own health issues. So today, I’m sharing a Hypothyroidism health update. Last Summer, I was diagnosed with an underachieve thyroid, (or Hypothyroidism). I was prescribed meds for that, and along with my anti depressants, I have been plodding on fairly well. Until recently.

Hypothyroidism health update

This past month or so, I have been feeling more tired, down and anxious than I have in a long time. I put it down to stress, and the fact I hate Winter. Earlier this morning, my GP phoned to tell me my thyroid levels are lower than ever… Despite taking 75mg of levothyroxine a day. He’s doubled my dose, and I have to get my bloods redone in 8 weeks to see if my levels have improved.

I could scream! I didn’t for one minute think it could be linked to my thyroid. It explains a lot though. Sam’s been sleeping better recently, and I have been more exhausted than ever. I have been wanting to go to bed at 8pm, felt too tired to do anything in the house, and not wanted to go out.

Plodding on

Social media has been my window to the outside world, blogging and blogging haven’t been happening much, either. Emails telling me I have a 15% take away bonus have been the most exciting updates I have received in a good while. (What? I love pizza!) At least I know why I have been feeling so ropey now, though. Here’s hoping I will be feeling much better in a week or two. I’ll do another Hypothyroidism health update soon.

On the plus side, the sun is shining today, and things are growing down at the allotment. I am looking forward to getting out with the kids over the Easter holidays too. Once I am feeling more human, I might even have to call in a babysitter and finally drag hubby out for an evening – once he is better too. (He’s got tonsillitis at the moment and is currently in his sick bed). It’s one thing after another in this house at the moment!

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