I don’t know about you, but I always find January hard. It’s like coming back down to Earth with a thud after all of the fun December brings. I’m usually feeling the pinch financially, so my usual ways of cheering myself up aren’t available to me. (Coffee dates, cinema, shopping etc). I am also usually trying to get myself back on track health and fitness wise. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to sign up to take part in RED January. The idea is that R.E.D January a brilliant way to kick-start the New Year, and in taking part you are helping to raise awareness and open up the conversation about mental health.

This is what MIND say about RED January:

RED January

I am no runner, so I won’t be running any half marathons – in fact, I may not even run at all. Although the campaign is called Run Every Day January, people are doing all sorts… Walking, going to the Gym, doing Yoga etc. It’s more about me having some “me – time” and a little self care. We are on day 3 now, and so far, I’ve done 1 long dog walk on New Year’s Day, 2 shorter dog walks and 24 minutes of Yoga yesterday and nothing today (yet). It’s raining so the dogs won’t budge. I’ll make sure I do something tonight though – either a longer dog walk or if needs be, day 1 of Couch to 5k…?

Why Take Part In RED January?

I’ve suffered from depression for years now. I have good runs and bad ones. I’ve got several friends and family members with more complex Mental Health needs. So I wanted to do something to help raise awareness and break the taboo which Mental Health is still surrounded by.

Every penny raised by people taking part in RED January will fund Mind’s vital work. Such as the Mind Information line, their information and advice service. Additionally, the campaigning they do to make sure everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect they deserve.

Raising Vital Funds

I am putting £1 a day away to donate on 31st January. Of course, I will happily accept donations if you would like to support the cause from the warmth of your living room…?

It costs MIND £6 to answer one call to their Infoline. Their expert helpline for anyone needing advice and support about mental health problems.

Every amount you raise will truly make a huge difference to someone’s life.

Registration closed on 31st Dec, so it’s too late to opt in now, but you can still support this amazing cause by sharing the campaign, supporting someone who is taking part *AHEM* or making a donation to MIND.

Follow me on social media to keep track with my progress. If you’re also taking part in RED January, let me know – I’d love to cheer you on!

I’m looking forward to exploring more local places, and taking in views like this with my puppies in tow…

RED January

This was Clifton Country Park on New Year’s Morning, about 1.5 miles into my 3 mile walk. Finally, if you enjoyed this post, why not check out more of my Mental Health content.

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