A couple of years ago, I used to love joining in with blog linkys. Time and depression have made it hard to join in for ages though. After feeling really poorly for a good 6 weeks, I am finally starting to feel better, and my blogging mojo seems to have returned – HURAAH! I spotted the Little Loves linky recently and thought it would be a good way to dip my toe back into linkies….. The idea is, you take each of the headers and share your experiences from the past week. So here goes…..

Little Loves - Read

Little Loves – What I’ve Read

During May, I mostly read emails. My poor unloved Kindle has been sat by my bed for ages. I have, of course still been reading with Syd. We are about half way through James and the Giant Peach at the moment, and she seems to be enjoying it. She’s not as enthusiastic about story time as she was when we were reading Matilda or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, though. I am secretly hoping she picks The Twits next, as I know she will love that!

Little Loves - watched

What I’ve Watched

Last month, we binge watched SAFE on Netflix. I am obsessed with Michael C. Hall (Dexter), so when I heard he was starring as a Brit in a new mystery drama on Netflix, I knew we’d have to watch it! The show is set in Manchester too – my home City, so it was even more exciting. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it’s definitely worth a watch!

Little Loves - made

Little Loves – What I’ve Made

Hmmm, this little loves question is always going to be a tricky category for me as I am definitely not a creative person. I made time for myself a few times during May though, which is something I don’t usually do. I met a friend and her daughter for breakfast at a local Garden Centre one day. So of course I opted for a huge slab of Pecan Pie…! (It was amazing, and worth every single calorie)!

pecan pie

My son, Sam has Autism and he goes for overnight respite twice a month. On one of those nights, I met up with another friend and we had a belated birthday tea for her & spent the evening perusing the Trafford Centre, where I fell in love with some beautiful Birkenstocks….

Little Loves - wore

What I wore

This Little Loves section¬†is easy….. Minnie (My Boxer puppy chewed up my beloved Birkenstocks back in April. I had had them since 2015 and they were the comfiest flip flops ever. I decided to get some ¬£6 Asda equivalents to see me through until our Anniversary and had planned on asking for a new pair for then. Unfortunately, the Asda specials tore my feet to ribbons, so I used hubby’s student discount and treated myself to these beauties….


They are meant to be snakeskin, but they are quite clearly Dragon skin, yes…? (Or a dark Mermaid at a push)! I absolutely love them & am going to wear them 24/7 to prevent the hounds getting hold of them!

Little Loves - heard

Little Loves – What I Heard

May involved me purchasing 2 soundtrack albums to educate the kids…. The original Annie film soundtrack (the 1982 version, where Annie was ginger) and the Bugsy Malone soundtrack. Our road trips are going to be one heck of a singalong this Summer! Syd is absolutely loving Annie – much to my delight!!

May 18th was our Boxer, Monty’s 1st Birthday! He was thoroughly spoilt with doggy treats and got lots of bonus kisses and cuddles as well. Some Royal or other got hitched too. One of Syd’s friends hosted a tea party to celebrate, so she spent the afternoon there, drinking tea and being princesses. The Mum who hosted the shindig definitely needs a medal for all the work she put in. She has earned her spot as Super Mum in both mine and Syd’s books!

PHEW! that’s it for month 1! If you enjoyed this post, check out more of my lifestyle content here.

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