Today is day 10 of #blogtober and the prompt is “Just be yourself” in honour of #worldmentalhealthday. With that in mind, I decided today is a good day to post an update on my physical and my mental health. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I’ve not had a great year, health wise. (You can read about that here if you want to).

My Health

As it stands, I’ve had all kinds of tests done. The doctors have decided that as well as the Depression and Under Active Thyroid I’ve had for several years, I now have severe Polycystic Ovaries too. I’m at the hospital tomorrow to see a gynaecologist to find out what happens next. The level of pain has been increasing, and that’s not a normal symptom of PCOS.

Most of my other symptoms are as of yet undiagnosed, but I have been warned by my GP that Fibromyalgia could well be the cause.

I have been putting most of my symptoms down to stress. It’s no secret my life is full on. Between my son, Sam’s “low functioning Autism”, my husband’s Rheumatoid Arthritis and diabetes, and my 3 sisters’ health issues, I rarely get a quiet week. I’m constantly juggling work, everyone’s appointments and assessments, our 2 dogs, the usual family stuff and extreme sleep deprivation. I figured I was burnt out.

Over the Summer when the kids were home, my symptoms and the physical pain I was in definitely got worse. Now the kids are back in school, things have settled down a little, but I’m still in pain every day. I feel so tired every day, that I could fall asleep anywhere (and frequently do).

My Mental Health

Surprisingly, my Mental Health doesn’t feel any worse for all of this. I’ve been waiting for a dip but (touch wood), it hasn’t happened yet. I’m not about to start reducing my anti depressants, but I definitely feel more in control than I probably should, given the amount of things crumbling around me this year.

Considering the appalling support people close to me have had with their mental health issues recently, I’m beyond relieved I’ve held it together to be honest.

I genuinely believe that “it’s ok not to be ok”, and that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. If you’re struggling, please reach out. I saw this shared on social media this morning and wanted to share it here too.

my mental health

I’m not really able to take much time out for myself. I find that walking the dogs or reading a book are ways for me to break the stress cycle. Getting the dogs was definitely the best thing we did in terms of helping my mental health. As much as they drive me crazy at times, the unconditional love they give has boosted me massively.

You can learn more about managing your mental health with


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