Today is day 3 of #Blogtober, and today’s prompt is: Couples. I’m always on the lookout for brilliant (and terrible) joke gifts,

Hubby and I have been together for over 10 years now, and I have covered most aspects of our relationship on the blog at one point or another already. So I have decided that today, I’m going to share two of the best (or worst) joke gifts I have bought hubby over our decade together….


November 2nd 2008


A beautiful private villa in Tenerife


Hubby (or other half as he was back then) was about to turn 30. It was his birthday eve. It was his first birthday as my boyfriend, and he was VERY excited. I had painstakingly wrapped all of his gifts in the UK before we headed out to Tenerife. Customs unwrapped them all though, to check I wasn’t smuggling stuff. (Rookie mistake on my part for trying to be organised)!

Hubby kept asking and asking to open a gift early, so in the end, I agreed. I had JUST the gift in mind…..

How did he take the joke gifts?

Thankfully, he took my little joke gift in good humour, and waited until the day after for his actual gifts. His face was a picture though. I don’t know what he was expecting in the really light package, but it definitely wasn’t what he got! He still has this too – he has it on his office desk!

Not long after this, I mentioned that Santa only brings you coal if you’re naughty, and he hadn’t heard that before. When he wanted to open a gift on Christmas Eve, of course there was only ever going to be one thing inside the package….. YEP! You guessed it!

Funnily enough, hubby hasn’t asked to open any of his gifts early since after these dates – I can’t think why!

Have you bought your other half any weird or quirky gifts? I’d love to hear about them in the comments if you have! Hubby hasn’t really returned the favour and given me any joke gifts. Maybe one day, though!

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