I’m going to share my 3 Christmas Shopping Tips and Tricks today – how many of these do you use? I can’t believe I am saying these words already, but as day 28’s Blogtober prompt is “Have you started your Christmas Shopping yet”? I Figured I would post this today.

Christmas Shopping Tips and Tricks

I’m 35 this year and Christmas has always been my favourite time of year – the build up more than the day itself, I have to admit. Some years I have finished my shopping in November, but most years I am very late to the party.

I am later than ever this year though – I haven’t bought anything yet! I’ll definitely be using these tips and tricks myself this year.

Amazon Wish Lists

Set up an Amazon Wishlist for each child and add items to it as and when you spot something they may like. When a relative asks what to get them, send the link to the wish list, or pick something from it.

I love that items can be marked as bought, or deleted from the list when purchased, so you can avoid duplicate gifts too. You can also add items from other websites – not just Amazon! This is definitely one of my favourite Christmas shopping tips and tricks.

I set up a private Amazon Wishlist for gifts I want to buy for others too. This is a great way to keep an eye on the price of items available on Amazon. I check the list daily from 1st November and buy items on the day they drop to a price I am happy to pay.

Wrap As You Buy

To avoid the headache of a crazy Christmas Eve wrap session, wrap items as you buy them. I tend to have different paper for each of my own kids, my husband and then another for people who don’t live with us. That way, if any tags fall off, I know who they are for.

I put a sharpie number on special gifts and pop a note on my phone. I do this to remind myself which need to be opened last or which ones Santa is bringing too.

Wrapping as you buy also means any nosey children won’t see the actual gift contents if they stumble across your gift stash.

Don’t Believe The Deals

Some stores (Most notably Argos) often do 3 for 2 deals on toys, which may cause you to buy more items than you otherwise would. In the last 3for2 deal they did, the cost of the three toys in my basket were cheaper in Smyths. I actually bought all 3 items from them for £1 less than the supposed 3 for 2 deal Argos were offering. Definitely shop around.

I am a big online shopper. I have the following sites bookmarked and I always check the prices on all of them before purchasing… Smyths, Argos, Amazon and Very.

I hope these tips have been useful? Have you got any Christmas shopping tips and tricks to share?

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